Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time For Passion!

Valentine's Day is almost here! Are you ready? Do you have something amazing planned? It's not too late to create a night you both will never forget.

Some of you already know that I am a consultant for Passion Parties, an in-home party company that aims to help couples (women especially) get more out of their love life. Some of you don't. Well, it's time you knew! I've been doing Passion Parties for four years and I love it. I love helping women grow closer to their significant other, empower themselves, and feel confident in the bedroom. I do tasteful and educational in-home parties, but I also take phone and internet orders in case you don't live close by.

So it's time to start thinking about doing something fun, sexy, surprising and new for your Sweetie for Valentine's Day! Orders can be placed as late as February 5th for pre-Valentine's Day delivery. But anyone who orders by January 31st can use the code "Jan15" on my website (or by email/phone) and get 15% off their order.

Click HERE to browse my website.

Or email me at arianne at the passionroom dot com if you'd prefer to have catalogues sent to you (in a discreet envelope, of course) or if you have questions. And don't be afraid to ask. Think of me as your own personal, non-German, over 5 foot, under 60, Dr. Ruth. I have suggestions for any problem or can let you know which products I recommend.

Here are a few Valentine's sales and specials I have going on now to pique your curiosity...

Romanta Therapy Creamy Massage Set. Heated Massage pack + creamy massage oil. (Sale - $6.50 Off!)

Hugs and Kisses heated massage packs with Creamsicle edible massage cream (Sale - $8.00 Off!)

Flavor Of Love - The Progressor + FREE Embrace flavored lubricant (Sale - $17 off!)

Fire & Dice - Fireworks warming massage oil + Dirty Dice (Sale - $5.00 off!)

Pure Passion Set. Pure Satisfaction Arousal Gel + FREE Pure Instinct pheramone perfume. (Sale - $20 Off!)

Nibblers Lip Balm. The great flavor of our Nipple Nibblers in a stick. Plumps lips!

Playful Set II. 52 Naughty IOU's, Revelation lubricant, and Bullet. (Sale - $5.00 off!)

Passion Play role playing set. (Sale - $5.00 off!)

Also, the following popular items are on sale:

Super Deluxe Smitten + Passion Massage Lotion - $2 off (Code "2406")
Revelation Lubricant - $1 off (Code "2207")
Tasty Temptation flavored massage candles - $2 off (Code "TT2")
Jelly Osaki - $2.50 off (code "1026")
Gigi - $3.00 off (Code "4003")
Silky Sheets - $1.50 off (Code "SS150")
Any Romanta Therapy product (your choice) - $1.50 off (Email me first for code)

These are just a few of the exiting sensual products we offer to spice up your love life and make your Valentine's Day 2010 the most memorable ever. Visit www.thepassionroom.com to shop my online store, or email me and I will mail catalogues to you. (All orders are confidential and mailed descreetly to your home.)

Happy Valentine's Day!


Appalachian Woman said...


im blushing....

Lia said...

And I thought you were a nice girl!!!

There was me thinking that bed was for sleeping in.
You see I have only ever done the horizontal folk dance 3 times and I ended up with 3 kids.....I really don't know how that happened ;b

Much love

Shawn said...

Thanks for all the pictures....but do they have instructions on how to use? heh, heh... So wicked, so fun!! Will have to check it out!

rae said...

Your marketing skillz are unsurpassed.

Anonymous said...

I just attended one of these parties last week AND, I'm here to bear my testimony of the power of the Progressor. It won't disappoint and I don't know why I didn't get one sooner.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
And to think we had to talk you into making that purchase.
You're welcome.

kado! said...

we used to have one of those Progressor thingys...or something similar...and Yes...they are amazing! ;)