Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you get excited or cringe when you see "random" in the title?

- My printer finally gave up the ghost last month. After lots of browsing online and reading reviews, I got a new printer/scanner/fax this week. WIRELESS. Oo la la. It is so fancy and so fast and so sharp and I don't have go get up off my butt and climb the stairs to plug my laptop in to print stuff. I LOOOOOVE IT!

- Our garbage disposal has been on the fritz for about a month too. You turn it on and it makes a humming sound but nothing turns. So when the water stops going down completely (I usually like to wait until the food chunks and pukey water are an inch or two above the drain) you have to get a wooden spoon and stick it down in there and try to give the whirling knives inside a few pushes to get them going. It takes great concentration because if you're not fast enough, it'll take half the wooden spoon off before you realize it's working. It terrifies me to do this. I cringe the whole time, waiting for that moment when it starts up so violently my whole hand is pulled in and chopped to bits.

- Yesterday Big Daddy finally installed a new garbage disposal. And saved me from becoming Luke Skywalker. Bless that man.

- I've told myself that when we run out of diapers, which will be in about a week, I will potty train Beck.

- But I'm going on vacation twice in February, so maybe I better wait until March.

- The Binky Fairy is coming to our house next week.

- Or maybe I'll ask her to wait until March too. I'm not sure I want to go on vacation and not have every crutch available to get my kids to sleep in.

- Last Sunday the weather was so mild I thought I could feel spring. It made me VERY excited.

- This Sunday the entire town is covered in a fresh layer of thick snow. It looks like something out of a postcard. It makes me excited too. Because despite the fact that I hate the winter and hate the cold, I love a fresh, heavy snow.

-Anyone seen "The Wild"? DON'T. It came on TV last week and I can tell you that it's just a big, awful, boring rip-off of Madagascar. Seriously, the worst animated movie EVER.

-Have you noticed that movies tend to come out in twos in Hollywood? Madagascar and The Wild (lion returns to Africa movies). Armageddon and Deep Impact (meteor movies). Happy Feet and Surf's Up (penguin movies). Lightning Thief and Clash of the Titans (Greek hero movies, both to come out within a month of each other). Tombstone and Wyatt Earp (movies based on Wyatt Earp's life). Antz and A Bug's Life (both about ants). The Truman Show and Ed TV (movies about a person's life being a TV show). Red Planet and Mission to Mars (Mars movies). See what I mean? It's like someone comes up with a good movie idea and they start production and then another studio hears about it and decides to copy it. Only one is always really good and the other is always really crappy.

- I just saw The Young Victoria. If you have any interest in historical things at all. It was really interesting and very sweet.

-I am now going to go out and read a bunch of biographies on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I don't' know why, but I am super fascinated by reading about royalty.

-I discovered royalty in my family tree recently. A Baron and a Prince. That must be why I have this interest. It's in my BLOOD.

- Yoga is really good for my back. I've had a bad back since I was 12. And I've noticed the only time I don't have back pain is when I do yoga regularly. Or when I eat cupcakes regularly. (Or maybe it's just that the sugar rush confuses my pain receptors. Either way....)

- I had my first encounter with cub scouts last week after I got assigned to be the new Wolf Den leader (8 year olds). I WANT TO DIE.

- Going out to eat on Saturday night: $19.46. Leftovers after church on Sunday? Priceless.


Tiffany said...

Love random. Also love wireless printers. Good luck with the scouts. I hate scouting.

rae said...

I'm all about this kind of random! You're so right about the movie-twos. One IS always crap.

The Boob Nazi said...

I love random.
Also, we have records dating my family back to King Charlemagne. Now that makes me excited.

jennie w. said...

Don't forget Finding Nemo and A Shark's Tale.

Also, I'M ROYALTY??? But of course. It's all beginning to make sense.

Just SO said...

I get all tingly when Random comes up in the title.

I've had that same problem with out disposal. My brother, a plumber, told me to turn it off and then use like a broom handle and start moving the blades around first and then turn it on....I wouldn't dare do what you did. I'm glad your husband saved you from becoming Luke.

Have fun on your vacations...I'm a little jealous.

And yes I have noticed that about the movies. I refuse to watch The Wild.

Kristina P. said...

It WAS like spring last week! It was so nice. Now it's all snowy again. Boo.

alex dumas said...

Random is exciting. You never know what you're going to find.

I just got a new printer too. But not wireless. There was no need. And it must have been the month for garbage disposals to die. Our died too.

Yay for the binky fairy.

I have noticed that movies seem to appear in twos. But I have never tried to compile a list like that. Bravo and I bet you could keep going.

I am interested in seeing Young Victoria, if just to watch Emily Blunt do her thing.

And I have noticed the very same thing with yoga being good for my back. More yoga = less chiropractor.

L. said...

Very funny, very interesting!

CUBS!? How did that happen?! Do you mean to say you are no longer in RS?

A really good chocolate cupcake (or 10) will take away ANY pain -- until the next day on the scale.

Needless to say, my daughters' royal blood did not come through MY line. But it explains a lot. I'm just the nanny.

MiaKatia said...

I personally love random! And I love history and historical fiction.

Plain Jame said...

I love royalty - I was really interested in it when we were in Hawaii. It's really cool. Did you know that Iolani Palace is the only royalty house in the United States?

I think that is so TRUE about the movies coming out in twos. I tried to point that out to someone but they called me crazy I think. It happens all the freakin time.

Cupcakes make ANYTHING better.

kado! said...

love random!

how printed just died too...I got a new wireless one yesterday! won't freaking set up correctly....every thing works EXCEPT the "wireless" part of it!!! ...and my husband was even installing it...not me who messes up everything electronic!

Have you read the book The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory? is juicy...i read it on vacation last does have some historical accuracy!

Nicki said...

I'm going to have to convince Ben to take me to see Young Victoria...and I love when do these posts.