Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Formspring 2

Thank you to all who have participated in formspring. It's time for another round! First, thought, I must apologize wholeheartedly that three of the questions asked last week on my formspring page were lost in cyberspace. After I answered them, they never showed up on my profile page. I tried troubleshooting it and there were hundreds of similar posts about questions being lost. I guess formspring still has a few kinks to work out. Anyway, if you want to ask them again, I'll be happy to answer them again. Otherwise, please accept my humble apologies for their loss.

Questions Answered:

Do you think you guys will ever move to Austin? It rocks.
Not likely, but also not impossible. If we can ever get the Cutterpillar thing going and it's making decent money, Kelly will feel OK about looking for a better job. Maybe in Austin??

What kind of cake will you be having today? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
My cake was chocoate with white buttercream frosting. And thank you for the birthday wishes!

How do I purchase said passion party products?
My website is I can also mail you catalogues (they're much easier to browse that way) if you email me at hotbootymama at gmail dot com. p.s. Passion parties is having a huge sale right now on discontinued and seasonal products. Prices about 75% - 90% off! If anyone is intersted in seeing what's for sale, email me ASAP. They will go fast!

Anything else you'd like to know? Formspring me!

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