Monday, March 22, 2010

Frank Day

A few days ago I was Mean Mommy. It was a busy day; there was a lot of running around, so there was a lot of hurrying of the children going on, and yelling, and short tempers, and time outs, and more yelling, and threatened beatings and that sort of thing. I ended the day feeling like I had been, overall, very BAD.

So the next day I decided to take a whole day off to have fun with the kids, practicing being Nice Mommy. I wouldn't try to accomplish anything. I wouldn't go anywhere. The house would go to pot, I knew. But I was determined that the kids know that I loved them and that I wasn't completely and utterly like the witch who tried to eat Hansel, which Daphne is fond of telling me I'm like whenever I ask her to clean up her room.

In the morning, I told the kids that it was going to be a fun day. I don't know if Daphne misheard me or if it was her usual penchant or coming up with wacky names, but she announced to me later, "Today is a Frank Day!" When I asked her what that meant, she told me it meant treats and games and hugs and kisses and only having fun. So Frank Day it has become.

Frank Day consisted of...


The Chewing of Gum

The Playing of iTouches and iPhones

The Eating of Twinkies

The Lighting and Blowing Out of Candles, which I think was the highlight of the kids' day.

The Playing of Play-dough

The Making of Play-dough snakes ( a special talent of mine)

The Making of Playdough ducks

The Making of Play-dough ducks being attacking Play-dough snakes, which I think was the highlight of my day.

There was other funness to be found but things eventually got so crazy fun that we forgot to take pictures.

Suffice it to say that the kids hope Frank comes to visit more often. So does Nice Mommy. (Mean Mommy secretly hopes there will be lots more time outs.)

p.s. My birthday is on Friday. I'm only mentioning it so that you can all send me presents if you so wish. Or if presents aren't on the menu this year, comments?


bel said...

teehee Poor duckie teehee

We have PJ Monday from time to time around here (once it was on a Wednesday). It's a lot like Frank Day, I think. The girls love it.

CaraDee said...

What a nice mommy you are. Sometimes I do one nice thing and the boys are all, "WOWZERS!". I keep their expectations low. It works for me.

PS, You want I should take you to lunch?

Financial Aid for College said...

to CaraDee: An extravagant lunch for Ari is limited to 3 oz broiled meat and one fruit. You could put a candle in the fruit. HOW CELEBRATORY! (Give her a rain check)

To Ari: That sounds like an absolutely AWESOME day. Good Mama! I'll have to remember to bring Frank when I come.

just call me jo said...

Where did she get the Frank thing? Well, whatever, it looks positively, over-the-top fun. You ARE a good mommy. I try to be that kind of grandma when the boys come to visit. But sometimes I find myself regressing to the witch. Then I feel bad and mourn til the next time they come to visit. They will remember those days forever and the time outs seem to fade into oblivion. I'm sure.

Mrs. O said...

We call Mean Mommy the Were-Mom here, 'cuz it's usually once a month that she comes out.

Tiffany said...

Tee hee! Love that Frank!

Lia said...

We use to have PPP days.
Pjs-Popcorn-Picnic days.

We would spend the day in pjs, make popcorn slob out in front of a DVD and have a picnic in the front room. blanket cushions all spread out and some days we would bring in the deck chairs.

We had a great time and now they are grown ups I miss it, but if I was to suggest it now they would have me locked up and the key thrown away.

It's hard to get a a balance being a mum, but don't stress the small stuff. They'll grow up fine and do you proud and they will remember the Frank Days more than you know right now.

much love

Jules AF said...

Frank day?!? Hahahaha

Mia said...

I love Frank day! We need one of those soon :)

rae said...

Posed snakes + candles = best Frank Day ever. I love it.