Friday, March 19, 2010

HCG Day 4 - Surviving

Day before yesterday, the first day of the real diet, was HARD. I thought about food A LOT. I think part of the time I wasn't actually hungry, I was just used to feeling really full when I stopped eating. I wasn't full once the whole day yesterday, and that was disconcerting. But also, I was hungry. A LOT.

Yesterday, it wasn't as bad. I was terribly hungry in the morning. I forgot to have some herbal tea. Maybe that would have helped. And I forgot to have a snack. And then I went to the temple for two hours on a pretty empty stomach and I swear I didn't hear a word that was said. I just could not focus. Morning seems to be the hardest time for me. Although normally I am hungriest in the afternoon or late at night, for some reason this diet has me starving in the morning. Maybe the long period from after-dinner through until morning is just too long for my body to go. I think I need to try to transfer some of my calories to the morning, when I feel the most sluggish.


Yesterdat I ate:

a strawberry smoothie

Cajun shrimp and broccoli

An apple

Steak with mushrooms and onions + sauteed spinach

2 grissini, 1 strawberry with Stevia

LOTS of water.

I'm peeing a lot in case you were wondering. Were you wondering? Well, there you have it. ( I love to make my readers happy.)

Technically, I'm cheating. The official Pounds And Inches HCG diet says no mixing your vegetables. You can eat one per meal. But I think I will seriously die of food boredom if I try to do it that way. So I'm going to have to mix it up. And I have read several sources that say mixing probably isn't a big deal as long as you are losing weight, but if you stop, it's an area to consider changing.

Anyway, to sum up, yesterday wasn't as bad. I wasn't quite as hungry. I didn't think of food quite as often. And I felt more satisfied after today's 2 main meals. But the morning thing needs adjustment. Big time.

Daily Weight Loss: 1/2 lb.
Total weight loss: 2 1/2 lbs


workaa said...

I found your blog through search, and it's so nice to see because we started this diet on the same day.

I am doing the diet through a diet center ($$$, but I didn't know how to get started ordering hcg online, etc) and the diet they gave me is slightly different than what I find most people following online.

Fruit, meat, and veggie options seem the same. The protein powder was provided through the center. I also received a bottle of Medium Chain Triglyceride oil, of which I can use for cooking and salad dressings, up to 3 tsp a day.

They have me on this:
breakfast: scoop protein powder in water, 1 serving fruit
snack: 1/2 scoop protein powder in water
lunch: 1 serving meat or fish, 1 veggie
snack: 1/2 scoop protein powder in water and 1 serving fruit
dinner: 1 serving meat or fish, 1 veggie
snack: 1 scoop protein powder in water

1 scoop of protein powder can be substituted by a 90-cal serving of fage 0% greek yogurt. I mix my vegetables...I's way too boring not to do so.

The diet I have to follow has a lot more protein and less carbs (we don't get melba toast/grissini) but it also has more calories (about 700) though I cut out the scoop of protein at night, so I'm getting about 600cals a day.

I am very interested to compare our progress since the foods are slightly different. I hope we both reach our goals!

Omgirl said...

Workaa- thanks for taking the time to comment! I would love to compare notes as we go along. Do you have a blog or email?

What did your diet center say about the protein powder? Is it beneficial in some way? They are sure it doesn't hinder progress?

Good luck to you! For sure stop by again and tell me how it is going if you can.

workaa said...

hi! I don't have a blog, but for sure email me if you'd like! I'd love to compare notes.

HCG Day 4 said...

Hllo Im new to this blog but I find your post intersestng based on what I'm going through. Im on day four and I'm still starving. I also feel weak. When will this go away? I have already lostt 4 lbs.

Omgirl said...

Well, my extreme hunger lasted 2-3 days until I was really so weak and starving that I ate carbs that 4th day. Just one piece of bread, I think. But it was enough to get my body out of that starving feeling, and then after that I was fine. Hungry sometimes, but not starving and weak and sickly feeling anymore. I didn't gain from that one cheat, but I didnt' lose that day either. To me, it was worth it. It allowed me to go on for the rest of the diet.