Monday, November 24, 2008

I Won! I Won! Actually, I Guess I Didn't.

I entered a blog give away on Suzanne's blog this month and I actually won! There's a caveat, though. Her give-away is a Give-away/Give-away. Meaning, I won, but the prize has to go to someone else.

The someone else is my sister, Jennie. And she is going to LOVE this present. L, double O, V, E it. Wait, that spells loove. Well, whatever. She is going to loove it too.

If you want to see what I/she won, click here. Unless you're Jennie. Then don't. Because it would make Jesus very sad if you cheated.

Thanks, Suzanne. You are talented AND generous. How Christmasy of you.


tiburon said...

SUCK!!! I thought you were going to say you were giving it to me for my birthday!! :(

rychelle said...

awesome prize!

too bad you ended up the looser/winner.

and "it would make Jesus very sad if you cheated". ha! you crack me up every day!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for you and your sis!

I got your ornament for the exchange out in the mail today! I actually get to check an item of my list-thank you! My kids, not as helpful today!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Where are you finding the time to post so much on your vacation? Are you sleeping at all?

CaraDee said...

That's funny, because the other day, I won a giveaway/giveaway! By accident. It's more of a pay it forward and please get me publicity type thing. Lame-o.

Mia said...

I always love it when someone I know wins. I hope Jennie loves it!