Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Day in the Life: Pictures And Commentary

My sister Jennie made me do this. She issued a bledict (blog + edict. I made that up myself. You can't believe it, right?) I'm not sure why. Maybe her friends' lives are way more interesting than mine. You can check out all the interesting ones here. Mine is going to be really dumb. You should keep a caffeinated drink handy in case you start falling asleep. Here goes...

A Fabulous Day in the Life of Me (sarcasm)

7:30 Daphne wakes me up. I get up and make her some breakfast.
7:35 Beck wakes up and I wonder what the heck is going on and why my kids don't sleep in until 8:30 anymore like they did 2 weeks ago.
7:35 and 30 seconds: I realize that it probably has something to do with Daylight Savings. Everything bad in life comes back to Daylight Savings.
8:00 I put Diego on for the kids, which is what Beck requests every day immediately after breakfast if not before. I eat breakfast myself. A new cereal. It's gross. I'll be throwing the rest away.
8:15 I watch a bit of the news.
8:35 The good parts of the news are over and they're now talking about turkey racing. And while I'm sure turkey racing is big news in some parts of the world, in my part it's fake news, so I turn it off and decide to tackle the 3 baskets of laundry that are strewn around my room.
8:45 I settle in on my bed with the laundry and "The Greatest Race on Earth," a show abut the Iditerad.
9:14 I have gotten about 8 things folded in the last 29 minutes. This Iditerad show is way more interesting than I thought and I keep forgetting the laundry. I'm guessing the laundry is going to turn into a 6 hour task today.
9:15 My sister Jennie calls to remind me to do this Day In The Life post. And to take pictures. So I start taking pictures, which will make this post only slightly less boring.

This is me being reminded:

This is my laundry

This is my show

9:25 Beck gets bored with his shows and decides it's more interesting to throw my nicely folded laundry on the floor. I stop and give him some Mommy Time so he will not notice the crazed look in my eyes that means I want to strangle him when he does that. I start over with the laundry.

9:45 I realize that both kids are still in their jammies, as am I, and that Daphne needs to be at her play date in 15 minutes, so I leave the laundry to go take a shower. Some rude person follows me into the shower and naps a shot of me with my shower cap on. Oh no, now the whole world will know that I wear a shower cap! AND that I shower naked!!!

Whew, that's better.
Still nude though. The cat is out of the bag. I admit it. It's true--I shower naked.

10:05 We head out the door to walk over to our neighbors' house for Daphne's play group.

After we dropped off Daphne, Beck just keeps on walking. I guess he wants to take the long way home.

Next I decide to try out my new carpet cleaning machine. It just came in the mail yesterday. I spend the whole 1 1/2 hours that Daphne is gone cleaning a 3x5 spot on my floor. I have to say, I'm not that impressed with the results. The gray high-traffic area gets lighter but doesn't disappear.

11:30 Time to pick up Daphne again, then run home for lunch.

Chicken and Stars soup with toast. Beck thinks it is delicious!

Daphne thinks it is...I'm not sure what this expression connotes

Boy, this is getting long, isn't it? And it's not even noon yet. Don't worry, my day gets even less interesting in the afternoon, so there won't be much more to tell.

12:00 We get a surprise visit from Daddy. He LOVES having his picture taken for my blog.

12:30, I take Daphne to preschool.

12:40, I put Beck to bed.

12:45 I actually get to eat lunch now. And I finish it off with a piece of the fantastic cheesecake from Zupas that I blogged about last week that my darling husband brought me home yesterday when he had to deliver some business cards to Zupas who is one of his clients now I guess. (I love a good run-on!)

12:50 I go to my room hoping for some good blogging time, but no. The laundry still looks like this.

I decide to clean the house instead--sweep the floors, pick up all the breakfast and lunch mess. Pet the severely ignored cat. Clean the playroom. Lame.

FINALLY. It's 2:20 and I have 10 whole minutes to get online before I go pick Daphne up from preschool. This is my favorite part of the day.

2:33 Pick Daphne up from preschool. (This picture brought to you by the turkey hat and the number 8).

2:45 Put on a show for the kids so I can make a few very boring but necessary calls to various companies that have tried to screw me over by jacking up my bill. They hope I won't notice. But I do, so I have to call and kick some A for a while.

4:00 My visiting teachers show up. I had totally forgotten they were coming, so I'm glad that I was here. I have stood them up more than once before. Bad me.

4:45, I try to get online a little more, but Beck takes over and decides it's his turn. It's hopeless. I give up.

5:00 I decide I'm sick of the kids and feelng a bit stir crazy, so I call a babysitter. Kelsey comes over to make dinner for the kids while I take off to kidnap my husband from work.

5:45, Big Daddy and I eat dinner at Pizzeria 712, one of my favorite restaurants. We have the braised short rib on polenta for an appetizer, one of the best foods ever to pass my lips. I have the new pizza on the menu--roasted red peppers, funky olives, goat cheese, and feta. YUM. Big Daddy has the speck and fresh mozerella.

7:30 I ditch Big Daddy and go shopping at Down East Basics. I'm not shopping for myself, though. I'm playing manequin for my sister so she can see how a certain outfit from the catelogue fits in real life (i.e. fits on our hips). They don't have this store in Texas, poor girl. We love it because it's the only store on earth where we can wear a size SMALL skirt!

8:30, I finish trying on clothes (and taking lots of pictures of them) and drop my camera with the zoom extended. Something in it breaks. No more pictures! WAAAH!

The rest of the evening turns out to be just as thrilling as the first part. I come home to find my children in bed. I get online for a few minutes, then decide I'm cold. I go take a bath and read Frankenstien while I soak. (I'm trying to catch up on the classics I never read in high school).

At some point I turn pruney and get out. (I bet you're glad my camera broke now, aren't you? ) Then I make it an early night and am in bed before 11pm. That NEVER happens.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this fabulous trip through a day in my life. At least you had a good excuse to drink 3 very large Dt.Cokes, right?


tiburon said...

Ahhh to live a day in the life of Arianne!

Looks like a busy day :)

Harlene said...

Popped on over from your sister, you two should do this for us everyday!

Hildie said...

That was fantastic! I hope you keep it forever! I like the shower scene best (She's my sister, you pervs!)

Anonymous said...

That seems like a crazy busy day, much like the WEEK I ;ve been having. Looking forward to some downtime this weekend!

tammy said...

I can't believe you shower in the nude - perv! Cute skirts. Did you buy some or just try them on?

Becky said...

You said you didn't like lurkers, so I'll post. Thanks for sharing your great day. (I also popped on over via your sister via Harlene.)

Jeanette said...

Good to see pictures of your day. Miss you. I am coming up for Thanksgiving, we should get together.

Christie said...

This is fun! I did a similar post a few months ago, and had a blast. Maybe I'll blog nap it some day.

Suzie said...

You kill me.
And that photo of your husband for the blog is hilarious.
Tell him I said so.

Your day was...inspiring.

rachel said...

maybe it is the voyeur in me? But these are the kind of blog post I truly love every once in a while. It makes me feel like I know you better and that I don't just blog with a bunch of strangers...thanks for the peek and for making me feel like my life (which is pretty much just like yours, very domesticated :) is normal.

Anonymous said...

That was one fantastic post. Should be a movie, R-rated of course with all the nudity and violence.

Mindi said...

i want to be arianne when i grow up.

fo reals.

i wanted you to pan DOWN in the shower photo.

Tiffany said...

I love these! (I losered out on this one.) The shower shot is amazing.

P.S. I want your haircut/color/style. And your glasses, too. OK? Thanks.

alex dumas said...

I have to agree with Mindi here.
Do you also shower with your makeup already on?
This could have been SO less interesting. Thanks for spicing it up for us. The pictures were priceless.