Thursday, November 13, 2008

One More Reason To Love Oprah

My husdband is an Oprah hata. but I think it has more to do with his x-wife liking her than him actually disliking Oprah. What is there to dislike about Oprah? She's smart, funny, assertive, has a strong sense of self despite her wealth and fame, and she gives away free stuff!!!

Case in point: Oprah is giving away a free photobook at The idea is that you can take digital photos of your children's artwork and make a nice hardbound book of them (and that throw all that crap away!!!). Follow this link to read about it and get your free photo book.

Free Photo Book

Thanks Oprah!

(And just so you know when you google yourself and find me talking about you on my blog, Oprah, I would love you even without the free stuff.)


Kenny and Kelli Ray said...

I saw this on Oprah today...I thought I would do it just to get the free book...maybe put vacay pictures or something in it...or hurry and draw some pictures of my own...or borrow your kids so I feel loved!

tiburon said...

I saw this too - just posted about it - then saw it over here. Great minds think alike. Except I no likey the Oprah.


Anonymous said...

I love you back. I'm giving you a free car. And a yacht.

Devri said...

wow a yacht, now i wish i loved oprah. ;0)

Anonymous said...

Too bad that's not the real Oprah. I don't have anything against her (just that her show is on when I'm away). I do, however, have something against books like this that will end up collecting dust or moths and never get opened.

alex dumas said...

Ellen gives away free stuff too. And she's funnier.