Monday, November 3, 2008

Looking for Guinea Pigs

I like to eat healthy if I have the option. I almost always choose grilled options over fried, chicken or fish over meat, and fruit or veggies for my side rather than rice or potatoes. But when it comes to fast food, well, there don't tend to be very many good options out there. If I look at one more fast food grilled chicken sandwich, I'll barf. I'd rather starve at this point. Or eat PBJ at home. Why can't someone think of more interesting options for fast food than a plain slab of chicken on a bun? Well,finally someone has. It's called Au Naturale. The problem? t's in Sugarhouse, which is 40 minutes away. So it's not likely that I'll be stopping by there for lunch very often. But I'm curious about this place. The menu looks creative and interesting. And most of the menu items are between 300-600 calories-- not bad. So who wants to be the first to head to Sugarhouse to try their...

Roasted Yam, black bean, and brown rice burrito
Grilled Salmon sandwich with cucumber and lime-caper aioli
Roasted Tomato-Basil Soup
Fresh Caprese Salad with a blackberry-balsamic vinagrette dressing.
THIS amazing grilled chicken sandwich...

Does that look fast foody to you? No, me neither. And everything else they have sounds delicious, too! So who will be the first space monkey? Suit up!


Christie said...

That sounds delicious! Is it time to go to lunch/dinner again?

tiburon said...

I would be all over that. Especially on my new "grow-kill" eating plan :)

Anonymous said...

I thought you were going to say they serve guinea pigs, which are eaten in Peru. What a disappointment.

Mia said...

Interesting. I would love a healthier quick option. When you find a tester let us know what they think.

alex dumas said...

I assume you've been there by now. Did it live up to your expectations?