Sunday, November 23, 2008

Single Parent Travel Do's and Don'ts

Flying by yourself with two small children, both of whom can and will run in opposite directions at any given moment, is not recommended.

Forgetting your portable DVD player for said plane trip is also not recommended.

Fighting with the ticketing agent about them letting your spouse accompany you to the gate until they threaten to call security is not recommended.

Losing your 23 months and 2 weeks old son's birth certificate just before taking a flight where he is the free under 24 months old lap child is also not recommended

When forging your 23 months and 2 weeks old son's fake birth certificate, writing his birth year as "2008" is not recommended.

Giving your 23 months and 2 weeks old son a full cup of milk without a child safety lid in the car on the way to the airport is not recommended. Unless he is dressed from head to toe in waterproof plastic.

Losing your 3 1/2 year old's boarding pass between the security check and the gate is not recommended.

Bringing a game of Mini Connect Four onto an airplane where the seats are too close to the row in front to bend down and pick up pieces is not recommended.

Taking your three and a half year old to the potty on the plane 4 times plus twice in the airport IS recommended.

Using a quick-fold umbrella stroller rather than a 6 foot long double stroller for airport trips is highly recommended.

Bringing a carseat with a full set of shoulder and lap straps on to the plane is recommended.

Having 8 kinds of snacks in your bag despite the peanuts and crackers they hand out on the plane is recommended.

Buying 4 new sets of toys that the kids have never laid eyes on before the flight is recommended.

Buying Washable Crayola Markers with lids that stay attached while they color is highly recommended.


Long story short, we made it. Just barely, but we made it. Austin is humid and warm and my skin already loves it. Best friend cousins Ada and Daphne have been reunited and it feels go good. Stranger cousins Beck and Jasper have been fighting over the same truck for 2 hours. We already made chocolate chip cookies, the baker sister and I, and I've only been here 3 hours. Get that fridge stocked with Coke, and it looks like it is going to be a great trip.


rychelle said...

that list is great. i hope you didn't learn ALL of those first hand.

(that pic is hilarious! i'm pretty sure i was on a flight with those kids.)

Omgirl said...

Oh yes, Rychelle. Unfortunately, they're all from first hand experience.

tiburon said...

Sounds like a BLAST!!!

At least neither of your kids threw up. ;)

Have a great trip!

rachel said...

Oh man....glad you made it and hope it was worth it! And just think: you get to do it all over again in a couple of days...woo hooo!

Jeanette said...

You are a brave woman. Good suggestions though. Have fun on your trip.

tammy said...

Totally laughing because I remember all too well traveling alone when my boys were little. hubby was working this weekend...did you fly SWA? He coulda been your pilot.

Omgirl said...

Rachel, fortunately my husband will be with us on the return trip. Whew!

Tammy, the pilot was out of Denver I think. At least, that's where he deplaned. The replacement had a Texas accent, so my guess is he was based out of Austin or Dallas, where the flight ended.

Ben Davis said...

If you want your spouse to go with you to the gate, just have him buy a full price ticket to anywhere for later that day. He can then roam the airport (ie, help you and the kids to the plane). Full price tickets are fully refundable, and he can get his money refunded fully after you've left. Cheap-o tickets are not refundable.

Hope this helps for next time.

Anonymous said...

Next time you should write a book and take it with you so you remember all your own helpful advice.

Our skin has been hating the dry western air since the first day.

Mia said...

Oh man that sounds CRAZY! I am glad that you made it there in mostly one piece. Enjoy your vacation.

alex dumas said...

My skin also favors humidity. But the Utah air does keep it pretty blemish free. :)