Monday, October 6, 2008

Play It Again, Sam

My brother-in-law and his wife, my sister, have decided to start a business doing disc repair. You know how your kiddles love to hold, spin, drop, scrape, throw, scratch, dance on, and play air hockey with your DVDs and CDs? And you know how your life is then a living hell every time you try to play one of those discs, particularly in the car when you can't do anything about it and they are screaming "Mommy!!!! Make the movie go!!!!" Well, that's what this business is going to fix. It's pretty cool--they can fix even deeply scratched discs back to like-new quality. Check out their website to see actual photos of a disc that has been fixed. And it's pretty affordable when you think that a new movie or music CD costs between $15-$25 a piece and a new video game on DVD or a software disc can cost $50 to $your firstborn child (resurfacing is $4-6 for most types of discs).

Anyway, I just thought I'd do a shout out for them and their new business, fastdiscrepair dot com, in case anyone (c'mon, it's most of you), have need of something like this.

Now if only they would also come to my house and fix all the scratches in my wood floor. Maybe I'll talk to them about adding that feature to their business.

p.s. My BIL, Darren, says that anyone who want to do a shout out for his new business on their blog can get a free disc resurfacing! Just blog about his website and then copy the link onto your order form when you send the disc(s). Woot!


Notme said...

Ohh good idea. I just chucked like 10 CDs on saturday when we cleaned out our garage! I will get looking for some.

tiburon said...

Very cool!

Jen said...

Thats awesome! Do you know how much shipping is? I couldnt find any info on it from there website.

Mindi said...

right on.

what i need is someone to transfer vhs to dvd. and then make sure my kids NEVER SCRATCH IT.

that's kind of a big job.

alex dumas said...

It's such a problem in our house that we bought one of those Skip Dr machines. It works like a charm. Definitely worth the $30.