Wednesday, October 22, 2008

David Sedaris Education

Who is David Sedaris? Don't feel bad if you don't know. You're not alone. You're also not as hip as me. Poor you.

First there was Amy Sedaris. Actually, I think David might have come first. But Amy's fame came first. At least for me. I'm not making much headway, am I? Amy Sedaris is an actress. SUPER funny. Sketch comedy, like SNL called Strangers With Candy. She's also had bit parts in a lot of shows like Sex in the City and My Name is Earl as well as doing voices for animated movies. She's absolutely brilliant. Here is a super funny clip montage of her on Letterman. Letterman loves her, so she's been on quite a few times. (p.s. CUT THE CLIP OFF BEFORE THE LAST 10 SECONDS BECAUSE THERE IS THE f-WORD AT THE END!)

Ok, so that's Amy. Later, somehow I became acquianted with her brother, David. He is also brilliant and hilarious. Though not nearly as wacky loud. He is actually a writer. His books are so funny and so true of the human experience. And as far as I could tell, his "concerts" are pretty much his book tours. He travels around reading excerts from them, and from other stuff he has written, like his diary. It's like going to a stand-up comedy show, only he reads most of it. I know, it doesn't sound that thrilling, but I swear it's the funniest 2 hours of my life I've ever spent.

Now you know. And now you are free to flaunt your ultra-hip status over others who still do not know who David Sedaris is.


Christie said...

Thanks for the education :) I had no idea who either one of them was - I'm so not up with my pop culture.

Kenny and Kelli Ray said...

ummm...did you know that at the end of that video clip is says..."F$%#$ Amy Sedaris? Only it says the real word? oops. :)

Omgirl said...

Um, OOPS! I forgot to warn about that. Thanks, Kelli!

Devri said...

Poor me is right, I need to hand out with you, untill I hear the f- bomb.. :)