Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The $300 Question - Answered

So, yes, I did suddnely come into a vast fortune of $300. And because it came out of the blue and wasn't part of my budget, I wanted to make sure to blow it on something fun, something I'd never usually spend money on. Something I'd get major guilt for if I ever spent $300 of my monthly stipend on it. So here's what I did...

1) I bought a new guitar for our Rock Band. I discovered a guitar online that will work with both the Wii Rock Band and Wii Guitar Hero. No, I don't actually HAVE Guitar Hero. I am going to have to wait for another windfall for that. I'm planning ahead. So this guitar will be the bass guitar to complete my band (The Mollies and Peters) when I play Rock Band, and, should I ever actually get Guitar Hero, I won't have to buy a new guitar.

2) I bought more soap making supplies. I was clean out of soap base, I was NOT satisfied with my Robert's crafts soap dyes, which bleed like a....well, I'll leave out the gross analogies and just say that they bleed a lot. And I wanted to beef up my selection of both molds and scents. So I got.

1) a leaf mold with 5 small and various leaf designs
2) a mold made of oval shaped "stones" with chinese symbols
3) a mold with little animal heads-- monkey, pig, etc.
4) pumkin pie scent (which actually smells more like hot buttered rum or something)
5) Goergoe Peach scent
6) Honey Bear scent, which unfortunately smells a lot more like baby powder than honey or bears
7) Grapefruit scent, since the one I had dumped all over my bag.
8) Pink Sugar scent. Mmmmm....
9) Chamomile scent, which I am NOT pleased with. Unless it changes drastically when it is in soap, it doesn't smell anything like chamomile.
10) 8 new liquid soap dyes
11) 3 blocks of shea butter soap base and 2 blocks of goats milk, plus a tub of clear glycerin soap base

Blowing money sure feels good. Soap making party, anyone?


Kay said...

Wow. Lucky! If that happened to me... I'd pay bills I'm having trouble with right now and get Ted a birthday present. He turned 5 yesterday. Can you believe it? Seems like yesterday E had him.

I love your soaps. How do you make them?

Hildie said...

How about using that money for, oh I don't know, CAR REPAIRS?

Christie said...

I'm totally up for another soap making party! I even have some of my own limited supplies to contribute!

Anonymous said...

Soap making? Boy, you sure know how to party!

tiburon said...

I am ALLL over a soap making party. You tell me when and where

Judi said...

I would love to learn to make soap!
Can I come?!

Notme said...

I am such a cheap wad. If I got 300 bucks I would usually be like " what can I pay off, or buy that we need"
I always figure that at least if I can put this extra money down on it, I wont have to pay for it later. My grandpa gave me 1200 bucks this summer, guess what I bought? A New baby!
ya. I felt I had to be responsible and pay Chayces hospital bills. Man what I WISH I could have done with that though...

Do you like Rockband? Guitar Hero is fun but we dont have it for the Wii.