Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I WANT: more time in my day to blog and be online without anyone giving me grief about it, especially my conscience.

I WANT: to be able to read whenever it strikes my fancy, uninterrupted

I WANT: to sleep in for once

I WANT: my kids to nap for 5 hours and sleep from 7pm to 10am so I can accomplish the above things

I WANT: summer to go on like this forever

I WANT: that guy who is living in the car on the other side of the fence from my property to move out so I can throw things into the recycle bin just outside my kitchen door facing his carpartment without putting a robe on in the morning.

I WANT: to eat something really delilcious and fattening right now that isn't on my diet. Or a huge Coke. Or both. Yes, definitely both.

I WANT: to still lose 5-10 lbs while doing the above on a regular basis

I WANT: my sister and her kids to move closer

I WANT: to move out of state, or out of city, or out of house, or maybe just upstairs. I really need a change.

I WANT: to go on a cruise to Hawaii with all my best friends.

I WANT: my financial woes to magically disappear. It's getting closer, but who knows.

I WANT: my son to go through one whole day without chucking most of his food onto the recently cleaned for the 800th time wood floor.

I WANT: to be happy with what I have and not sit here wishing for a piece of cheesecake, a large Coke, and an even larger new house far away from the ghetto I live in.

It's just one of those days.



Jen said...

I think everyone goes through this, I know I do. I feel for you! I hope the rest of your day goes well.

tiburon said...

I WANT all of these things as well. But I WANT to add about 40 more.

My mom would say you have the "I wants" the "Gimme Gimmes" and the "I Gotta Haves"

Christie said...

I'm sorry you're having such a crappy day. Maybe its in the air this week (did you read my disjointed post about last night?)

I say we plan a girls' trip to Hawaii! I'm so there!

CaraDee said...

Poor Arianne. And that cheesecake is making my mouth water right now. Where can we get some that is actually cold and firm and good?

Judi said...

sounds like my day ;0)

Anonymous said...

If you let me have some of the cheesecake, I'll watch your kids or something so you can accomplish something else on your list.

Notme said...

Landon still throws his food all over and he is 3! I would LOVE if he would be normal for once.

Mmm... a coke sounds AWESOME right now!

Mindi said...

okay, catching up so here goes:

1. if i had 300 bucks i would spend it on:
a. a hobo wallet. so lame to spend 100 dollars right there, but it's nice and big
b. jeans and shoes.

shallow and superficial? yes. but you knew that.

2. you know how i feel about camping. but i would roast marshmellows with you inside the safety and comfort of your home. YOU'RE WELCOME.

3. i dvr'd true blood but it recorded a rerun of "sopranos" in hbo3 instead, so i got nothing.

4. i want to cruise with you. let's go.

Sara said...

Sounds good to me!

Mia said...

You pick the cruise and I am there ;)

Notme said...

I want that stuff. I find it hard to take an hour to go shopping without kids so I can buy pants that dont have holes or stains everywhere. I want another kid free vaca too! And I highly recommend the Hawaii cruise. Loved it!

alex dumas said...

This reminded me that I want to do a cruise to Hawaii. Especially right now when it's so blasted cold.