Monday, October 20, 2008

Crapity Crap Crap! Part Deux

You guys are not freaking going to believe this. You're not. You're going to drop whatever you are holding and scream to the heavens, How can this happen to one poor woman??? At least that's what you should do.

So, you will remember that I backed my car into another car and dented the bumper. And you'll remember that I got a crappy mini-van as a rental. Well, since then, I upgraded my mini-van to a nicer one that didn't reek of cigarette smoke. It also had the doors that open from the remote, and a bunch of cool storage compartments on the ceiling. And his & hers temperature controls. It was way nicer. Almost fun to drive in. Here it is:

Well, the manager at Enterprise felt so bad that I had to bring it in due to the smell. And he felt even worse that when I came in 1/2 hour later than they told me the new car would be ready, it still wasn't ready. And he felt terrible that he was the only one there that day so it took him an hour to get my new car prepped for me. He swore he'd make it up to me when I brought the car back in to pay for it. Well, I am probably going to have to call on his huge sense of guilt because....

I backed the rental car into my fence and scraped up the bumper.

AGH!!!! I am not even close to kidding. Yesterday I pulled the sliding gate closed across my driveway (chain link) so that my kids could play safely in the yard. And then later I had to go to pick up my babysitter so that I could go to the doctor. As I was getting in the car I thought to myself, "Don't forget to move the gate back." And then I started putting my kids in their carseats. And Daphne FREAKED OUT because she wanted to ride in the backseat, not in her car seat. And I had to wrestle her to get in her seat and buckle it up. And then she was screaming and thrashing as I got into my seat and started to back up. So I was totally distracted. Also, my car that is being fixed has back-up sensors that beep if you get close to anything. So I'm kind of handicapped by expecting those beeps anytime I back up. It has made me careless about looking behind me (as is evidenced by my recent backing up snafu). Suddenly, CRUNCH! I hit the sliding gate so hard that it swung open like a swinging gate. So I got out and swung it back, but then I couldn't get it to slide anymore. It was thrown from the track and the bar it slides on was bent. Of course my neighbors were in the yard at the time, adding to my humiliation, and offered to come over and help. That's when I noticed all the damage to the rear bumper. I hadn't thought backing up at 2 miles/hour could do damage to my bumper. But, clearly, it can.

Words cannot describe the chagrin I felt at that moment. The humiliation, the terror, the regret. I cannot BELIEVE that I just did the almost exact same thing that put me in this rental in the first place!!! ARG!!! So now I have to return my rental today and bat my eyelashes and hope that the Enterprise manager is on shift and that he remembers how he felt so bad yesterday when he switched out my car. Should I just hope he doesn't check the car for damage? Should I come in and tell him what happened right off the bat and beg for mercy? Should I say that I have no idea how it happened or pretend I didn't know it was there? No. I'll be honest. Because I need GOD on my side. I need direct divine intervention. But still. It's going to be horrible when I show them the car. Horrible horrible horrible.

And it's going to cost me a lot of money. Or another big deductible and jacked up insurance rates. I'm sure my insurance agent is going to love to hear how I backed up and crashed twice in one month. The weird thing is, I've never been responsible for an accident or car damage ever. All the accidents and fender benders I've been in have been someone else's fault. And then it's my fault twice in one month. What is going on???

The only thing I can think of to explain it is that the back up sensors are to blame. They've crippled me! Made me lazy. I think I need to sue Subaru.

The one good thing to come out of this is that my husband proved what an incredible man he is. My hero. Not only did he not yell at me when I told him, and not only was he very conciliatory when I started bawling, he brought me this when he came home from work:

My knight in shining armor.

Ok. Now I'm babbling. Babbling because I'm stalling. Stalling because in a few hours I will have to take back the rental car and I have no idea how to do what I have to do.


Becky, yep said...

Oh.My.Gosh! I am a screamin' to the heavens!
okay, first...your husband! WHAT A MAN!! hang on to that one!
Second, THis beyond sucks!
Good luck!

Koreena said...

Oh no!! That totally STINKS!! I'm so sorry! I'm glad you're going to be honest with them. I hope they give you some kind of break!

Notme said...

Ok, so what happened when you took it back? Man im so sorry!

Mama C. said...

Take a deep breath, look for the guy who promised you the moon, and practice your eyelash-batting skills on your drive there! :)

Good luck, and let us know how everything turned out.

Oh, and give that man of yours an extra squeeze. Good ones are SO hard to find! :)

Suzie said...

This may all be very humorous down the road for you.
For me, it;s a little funny right now.
But that may be because of your story-telling abilities.
You are good.

Hope all went well!!!

Jen said...

So what happened when you took it back? Sorry that happened. How sweet was your husband though??? I told Andre and he said something along the lines of.....I wouldnt have done that, AND HE WOULDNT!!!

Judi said...


Anonymous said...

When Jen did that I asked if we needed to get a smaller car. Yeah, I'm mean. By the way, what happened at Enterprise?

Mindi said...

i can't believe russ didn't send me flowers when we crashed this summer.

i feel hurt.

ps what went down? did he notice?

Christie said...

Ok - my opinion of Kelly just went up like 100 notches. What a sweet man!

Mia said...

What a great guy! Did they charge you for the damage?