Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Utah Baby Names

Those of you who know me know that I have definite opinions about names. And I TOTALLY DO NOT WANT TO INSULT ANYONE THAT I KNOW AND LOVE, so please don't take offense if you have a name that might fit into the category below. But I just HAD to post this funny bit of satire that I got from Seriously...So Blessed about Mormon/Utah baby names:

Q: Which Prophet/Mormon/Pioneer ancestor will you name your baby after?
A: Ugh...none! Not to be rude, but what the BOAR-RING and OVERdone! We need something as unique as we are sooo I had the best idea EVER and compiled this list, we're gonna choose a syllable from each row, maybe even out of mason jars and then VOILA! Mixnmatch!

1: Ash/Jay/La/Ky/Hay
2: kay/la/l/br/d
3: lin/ee/ly/en/yn

My vote is either for LaKaylin or Jaybree. What about you?


CaraDee said...

Hopefully my sis-in-law never reads this. Her daughter's name is "Jaelyn" pronounced Jayl-en, not Jay-lin. cough cough. Her next daughter was Zoie. Sure Zoe is a cute name, but why add the "i"??? No one will EVER spell it right. Poor kids. This is coming from a Cara with a C and even that isn't that bad.

Harlene said...

I did name my new puppy Dieter after Pres Uchtdorf, does that count?

alex dumas said...

I used to read that blog. She's so funny. But the humor got old after a while. Because there are really people like that. And I hate them.