Friday, July 25, 2008

How Do You Like Your Chocolate?

Devri, this quesstion is for YOU! You are the winner of my pay it forward giveaway!!! That means you win chocolate! So my next question is: MILK, WHITE, DARK, or ALL OF THE ABOVE?

And don't forget to pay it forward with a giveaway of your own. It's just as fun as winning, I promise!

Thanks to everyone else who participated. I'll do another giveaway again soon, I'm sure.


Mia said...

Oh that Devri!!! I am sooo jealous ;)

rachel said...

Either 1. dark with caramel or B. milk with almond and toffee...YUM!

Devri said...

Holy shaa-bang, I never won anything, I have the worst luck in the world, but hey, I'll take it, my answer is You choose, but my fav is milk.. but I will take what I can get!! SEE ME DOING THE SLAPPY DANCE RIGHT NOW!!!! thanks I will blog tommorow!!! you rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Devri. Next time,tha chocolate is mine!