Friday, July 18, 2008

He Said She Said

Actually, just She said in this case, the "She" being Daphne. Here are some classics from this week:

D: Mommy, Watch this! (dancing)
Me: What are you doing?
D: Shaking my boobie! (I think she meant booty, but even that would have been surprsing)

(Us reading a book about animals..)
Me: Daphne, what's that animal?
D: A big whale, Mommy. Just like you!

(Daphne likes to ask what sound things make. Here is recent conversation.)
Me: Daphne, don't do that or you will get in trouble.
D: Mommy, what does trouble say?
Me : Trouble says "Time out!"
D: What does time out say?
Me: Time out says "stop or you'll get a spanking."
D: What does spanking say?
Me: Spanking says "owie!"
D: What does owie say?
Me, getting exasperated: Nothing. It just cries and cries.
Evidently that satisfied her because she stopped asking, and stopped whatever she was doing.

In these moments, I love 3 year olds.


CaraDee said...

Ronnie, my son you don't know about, who is no longer with us, once called me a whale. Need I say more?
And yes, I love Daphne. She says the cutest stuff.

Mindi said...

mia likey to say "shakeeeee boobies" and grab mine and shake back and forth.

really not condusive to a healthy mother/daughter atmosphere. i try to avoid it at all costs.

nobody call cps. please.

Hildie said...

What part of "a big whale" are you most like? Cold, blue skin? Love of water? Giganticness? What was she talking about?

Mama C. said...

Oh, honey... the stories I could tell about my 3-year-old and some of the conversations we have (and, sometimes they even end with me getting completely exasperated by the seemingly never-ending stream of questions!).

Nice to know that most three-year-olds, especially three-year-old girls, are relatively similar! :)


Christie said...

So funny! I love conversations with 3 year olds.

Mia said...

Oh man I love the whale comment ;) That is really cute that she asks what sounds things make. I don't think my kids have really ever asked about sounds like that. Cute.

Anonymous said...

Those are great conversations. They say some of the funniest things!

Notme said...

LOL. That is hilarious!

Landon found out new box of KY yours and mine, and I said Oh crap he has the KY. Landon then proceed to scream and cry as loud as he could " KY! KY, I want the KY!"
lol. Kids

Devri said...

I've went through some fun stages and ages in my house, and have to say 3, is so far the best... They come up with the wild hair questions and answers... She is a doll....

alex dumas said...

I must admit I belong to the club that loves three year-olds. And nine months. I think that's another of my favorites.