Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dream Wife


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Although I did not check the box "Reacts with pleasure and delight to marital congress" and I did check the box "Serves too much from tin cans or the delicatessen store," I still managed to rate as a superior 1930's housewife! I always knew I'd fit in back then. Please make sure you casually comment on this superior status when you're in the presence of my husband. Examples might be "Boy, your wife sure wears neatly pressed aprons!" or "Gee whiz, aren't you glad your wife doesn't put her stockings to soak in the wash basin?" Or "Don't you love the way your wife often comments on your strength and masculinity?" It'll help my husband realize what a catch I am. Thanks.

And thank you, Cara, for the test.


Mindi said...

wow. i am VERY POOR. i got a whopping 11.

i think it was the red nail polish, use of slang terms, risque stories and bra strap showing that got me.

and the frequent use of drinking, smoking, gambling, and drugs.


CaraDee said...

You all are just rubbing it in now.

Chelsea said...

I didn't do nearly as well as you - I'm average. I think not being willing to get up early and make breakfast hurt me.

kimberlina said...

That test was so funny! I scored Very Superior, but I'm pretty sure that a real 1930s wife wouldn't think I deserve that rating. I couldn't check "yes" on having a tidy house or keeping Kent's clothes pressed. Oops! Oh, and I also couldn't select that I was cheerful in the morning.

tiburon said...

How the heck did I get a 99? I must have taken the wrong test!

Erica said...

that was funny!! I got Very Superior, even though I think women from that era would find me a slob! hahahaha. My house regularly looks like a toy tornado went through it!

Mia said...

I guess I am not to bad as a 1930's house wife... I got a superior, but then again I am not sure that test is quite accurate.

alex dumas said...

Pretty sure he rarely needs reminding about what a catch you are.