Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Make sure your read this post first.

Well, nap #1 went so-so. She did get in her crib w/o a fuss. But 10 minutes later, she jumped overboard, and headed to the potty. I heard her footsteps upstairs and found her just finishing up. So I put her back in bed and told her to sleep. She wasn't happy about it, but only put up a small fuss. And then she did fall asleep. About an hour later, I heard another bang and went up to find her using the potty again (#2). So she was using the bathroom at least. I put her back to bed again and figured she probably wouldn't sleep. Sure enough, 10 minutes later I heard her get up and yell to me that she needed socks (an irritating habit of hers lately is to want socks and a sweater despite 90 degree temps). I gave her a swat on the bum and told her not to get up. So she went back to bed and didn't get up until I went to get her.

So the crib thing seems to be a bust. It's really not keeping her in bed much better than the toddler bed. So I guess we'll just have to stick to our guns and keep teaching her when it's OK to get out of bed and when it isn't. Which means more sleepless nights and missed naps in the meantime, I suspect. SIGH....But I guess every child has to have this learning curve once they go into a big bed, right? RIGHT? Please tell me I'm not the only one.


Christie said...

Ugh - I wish I had some solutions for you. THis is one of the main reasons that I am terrified of moving Bryn out of her crib. I moved G out at 2, and she did wonderfully, but she's a different child. Bryn had a brief time where she'd get out of the crib. One night, she ran naked into the living room about 2 hours after I'd put her to bed for the night. Thankfully though, she's gotten it figured out, and stays in bed now until I come to get her. Maybe Daphne is just going through some sort of phase, and will get better soon. We can hope, right?

Chelsea said...

See, this is why I just laugh now when I hear people talk about "creating good sleep habits" for their babies. With every stage of development, they change! I'm having a hard time getting Sawyer to nap now too because he doesn't want to stay in bed. I've started just telling him he has to stay in his room, even if he doesn't sleep, but obviously that means that most of the time he doesn't take a nap and he's exhausted by 4:00. He'll sometimes fall asleep if I lie down with him, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose (for me anyway!) of him taking a nap. So yeah, I don't have any great advice. Sorry.

Mindi said...

i freakin' heate it when i have to paretnt. and i'm being serious.

sometimes don't you just want it to be easy and uncomplicated and have them just do what you want them to flippin' do??!!


good luck, sista

Sara said...

The way I see it, your screwed! Aspen did the same thing at eighteen months, and never looked back. That's why they created quite time, and door locks that go on the outside, maybe a potty in her room during that time will help, and maybe not! I feel for you.

Mia said...

I have had small bouts of this with both kids. I have never let nap time be an option. I need it too much. The kids will have times where they act like they are trying to give up the naps, but they are required to stay in their rooms and I will put them back in there as many times as they get up. Usually lasts a couple of days then they are back to their regular nap time. Bed is between 8 and 8:15 every night with the same routine. HOWEVER... I will be the first to admit that I never sleep in past 7am (unless I go turn the tv on and go back to bed). I don't talk to my kids much when they get up. I find out what they need (usually potty or a hug) and send them right back to bed. I try to be quick and quiet (other than the strongly worded DON'T GET BACK UP). I am not sure if this will help you because the one thing my kids did inherit from me is a larger than average need for sleep.