Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I haven't ever done an official Thankful Thursday post before. But I had two things I was so thankful for today (and it's only Wednesday) that I had to put it down on paper. Ok, not paper. What's that stuff called on the inside of your laptop monitor that squishes and makes a little rainbow ripple shape when you press on it with your finger? Ya, that. I wanted to put it down on that.

1) I'm thankful for guardian angels or fate or chance. Call it whatever. But a few days ago I was hanging with the kiddles in the yard. Hubbie came home and we were all hanging out together. Hubbie went inside to change (which he notified me of, but I was so engrossed in showing my daughter the raspberries that were starting to ripen along my back fence that I didn't hear him). A minute or two later, I heard a car honking, honking, honking, honking incessently out in the street. My first thought was, has someone's car alarm gone off? So I got up to go see if it was mine, and then my second thought hit me: where is Beck? Beck, I found, was standing in the middle of the street with a car right in front of him. Stopped, fortunately. It had seen him. And the driver was honking hoping someone would realize they were an irresponsible idiot and had let their toddler wander into the street. Point taken, honker man. (I make light of the situation because I almost pass out when I think of how this situation could have ended if it weren't for said guardian angels, fate, or chance intervening.) Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

2) The second one I'm thankful for is my husband because he, excuse the term, kicks ass. Seriously. I had no idea when I married him that he was as great as he is. I suspected he was pretty cool. I knew he had a nice butt. I could see potential for some good things in him. But I am amazed and humbled all the time lately by how indcredibly smart he is--possibly even smarter than me, and that's not something I'll admit to his face-- how hard-working and dedicated he is, how patient he is, what a good father he is, how good at 70's and 80's music trivia he is, how funny he is, how stable he is, how ingenious he is (that is the one I really had no clue about and I'm so glad about), how willing to improve he is, and how fun to be with he is. He also makes superior fajitas. We've been really blessed as a family lately and I just had to stop and wax cheesy for a minute about how lucky I am to have him in my life. I may not have known what I was doing when I chose to marry him, but God did. And I'm so glad!

3) Oh, one more thing for my Thankful Thursday. I saw a sign today on a construction site down the street from me that said, "Coming Soon: Paradise Bakery." If any of you have ever doubted that there is a God, let me just tell you: this is proof.

Thanks for letting me rip off your Thankful Thursday jpg, Mindi. I love you, even though you didn't choose my blog as one of your 7 favorites. And yes, I will be mentioning that a lot. Better schedule more therapy.

And thank you Tiburon for inventing Thankful Thursday. The blogging world will never be the same.


tiburon said...

HMPF! Thankful Thursday was MY baby. And you steal it from Mindi.

I just might take that award back.

Kay said...

Heaven was watching out for Beck.. talk about scary. It gives me chills just hearing about it.

I like this post idea.... I think I will copy. =D

Koreena said...

I'm so glad that Beck was kept safe! How scary it would be to see your kid in the street with a car in front of him!

I feel the same about God knowing what he was doing when He got Dan and I together. I had no idea how many qualities he had that I would need.

Mia said...

I love that you may or may not have know what you were doing but God did! So true for me too.

And oh my goodness I am so very thankful that Beck was ok. Thank goodness that person saw him.

Becky, yep said...

Thank goodness Mr. HonkerMan was paying attention!

And...Thank goodness for paradise bakery!

Christie said...

I'm so glad Beck was ok! And I LOVE paradise bakery - their cookies alone are to die for. Where are they going?

Hildie said...

Good mothering skills! That's one for the memory books!

Mindi said...

1. glad your little man is safe.

b. super glad your husband KICKS ASS!

and, thirdly, ummmm.....who is consistantly your NUMBER ONE COMMENTER???? WHO LOVES YOU MOST??? mindi does.

4 DAYS!!!

Kristine said...

Boo, that's scary! We need a fence!

alex dumas said...

Mindi DID.