Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm a dummy

So I was just moderating comments from the last day, and I accidentally hit "reject" to six or seven comments. I believe they belonged to Mia, Karyn, Jennie, Jen, Misty, and Rachel. Maybe more. So if you posted a comment on my Wall-E post, my Batman post, or my 3 degrees of seperation post, I'm sorry! Will you recomment? I swear I won't delete you this time.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the chocolate giveaway, I'll post the winner tomorrow. I haven't gotten a chance to put all the names in a hat yet. Thanks!


Kay said...

that's funny you rejected comments. i'm sure we're happy if you just read them. =D i do remember what i posted and will happily repost if i don't see them there. =D

Over The Tipsy Top Design said...

This is so exciting, I'm a new blogger and I feel like I'm spying on everyone. I should be cleaning my house but I can't tear myself away. I type with two fingers so it is a bit challenging. I love your header please tell me you own this pink house it is so great!!
Love, Tonia (a Tipsy Girl)