Friday, July 25, 2008

Take Two Asprin And Call Me In the Morning.

You know that most frustrating of all doctors visits where you feel awful and the doctor says "It's just a virus. There's nothing I can do about it?" Well, don't be a victim of this kind of lazy medical practice any longer. Let Dr. Arianne fix you up. If you have the following symptoms:





Go directly to your family doctor and requst, beg, or demand antibioitics. There is a bug going around here in Utah lately that has, as its feature componant, the worst sore throat you think you've ever had in your life. And instead of turning into a cold or getting gradually better, it just gets worse. And worse. And you would rather drool than swollow your own saliva. It happened to my husband first. He toughed it out for 7 days, actually took off two days of work (which is like taking a month long vacation for a workaholic) and finally gave in and went to the doctor when he couldn't take it anymore. The doctor tested him for strep. It came back negative. But he gave him antibioitics (Azithromyacin) and told him to hold off for 2 or 3 days to see if the "virus" got better. It got worse. So 3 days later he took the antibioics. And within hours he was feeling way better. Within a day, he was back to normal. So I ask you, does that sound like a virus? Then I heard the exact same story, including the negative strep test and subseequent antibioitics that worked, from my SIL. Two days later, I fell victim to this awful malady myself. And this time I did not pass GO, I did not collect $200, I went directly to my GP and asked for antibiotics, which he was smart enough to give me because you do not want to mess with a lady with a killer sore throat who is hauling around 2 little kids to the visit. It's now day 3 of the antibiotics and I'm almost completely cured.


SO....the moral of this story is, doctors suck, I rule. If you have a sore throat, get yourself some meds!


Mia said...

Same thing happened to us a month or so ago. The doc said it was a virus, but we both ended up needing antibiotics.

Shannon said...

I TOTALLY have this, or maybe it's evil cousin. I feel like crap. But more than anything my body aches like no tomorrow and all I want to do is sleep. My head feels like it is in a vise, but the sore throat thing is only mild for me. Either way, it sucks! Glad you are feeling better though!

Devri said...


Devri said...

Ps. doctors bills suck even worser!! (is that even a word).

Erica said...

glad you're feeling better.

You've seen the tv show House right? Alot of medicine is educated guesses. And sometimes our uneducated guesses are better then the highly educated.

tiburon said...

Good to know! Glad you are on the mend :)

Kay said...

Antibodics are not always the answer. Your body builds immunity to them, and can make things worse. And anitbodic's don't help with a virus but infections. And infections are usually secondary.

The BEST thing is to use holistic remedies when possible. I'm not saying don't see a doctor, as there is a time and a need for them.

And doctors diagnose by ruling things out. They aren't perfect.

Mama C. said...

I swear on everything I hold sacred... the MORNING AFTER reading this post, I woke up with a raging sore throat!! Luckily, I was able to "cheat"... my husband had some leftover amoxicillin from one of his previous doc's appointments (he's one of those doofy people that only take them until they feel better, then he stops. Usually I get pretty ticked, but this time I was kinda glad of it! :).

Anyway, 2 1/2 days into the antibiotic and my sore throat is gone. But, because I'm asthmatic, my cold crud is lingering. Hey... at least now I can swallow without feeling like I have a hunk of dried up chicken in my throat!



alex dumas said...

Are you still friends with this Karyn person? I don't like her comments.