Friday, July 4, 2008

Time Capsule

I got tagged on this one from Karyn. Let's see if I can remember this far back.

20 YEARS AGO: (can I really say that? Am I THAT old??? Yikes.)

1) I got a scholar ship to Detroit Country Day school, a really hard private school in Birmingham MI. I lasted one year then switched to a super easy Catholic Girls' School instead.
2) I was really into the L.M. Montgomery books. I read (and own) every single one!
3) I was pining over Ken McGraw, my 7th grade boyfriend who dumped me for Sarah Bernstien because she had boobs.


1) Honestly, the 1990's were a blur to me. 1998? Uh...I went back to school to get my English teaching minor.
2) Left for Fiji the last day of 1998 to do my student teaching.
3) Lived with my best friend Jeanette. It was awesome.


1) Kelly and I went to Italy, via France, Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands.
2) I started trying to get pregnant. And spent the next year and a half trying.
3) Celebrated our 1 year anniversary


1) I finally had a baby!
2) We were sealed to each other and Daphne.
3) I quit teaching school to be a SAHM.


1) I sold my Passat (wah!) to get a mom-ish car. But I do like my Tribecca.
2) Well, it wasn't quite a year ago, but last year my sister moved to Texas.
3) We took our first family vacation--to Arizona.


1) I lost 11 lbs on Weight Watchers.
2) My right eye joined my left eye in having an astigmatism.
3) We finally got a good sushi restaurant close to us - Yapona.


1) Made a sandbox for my kids out of my buried strawberry patch.
2) Worked on my March, yes March, digital scrapbook page.
3) Painted my nails for the first time in about 2 years.


1) Had pancakes at IHOP for breakfast.
2) Made pasta salad and sugar cookies for our 4th of July family party.
3) Took a nap so I can stay up for the fireworks, hahaha.


1) Enjoy the 2nd day of my hunsband's 3 day weekend at home.
2) Make a cover for the sandbox.
3) Hopefully sleep in late.


1) Probably consider having another baby.
2) Try to take a family vacation so we can actually use our timeshare.
3) Decide whether or not to keep my real estate license.

Boy, that was harder than I thought! Anyone who wants to play along, consider yourself tagged!!!


Hildie said...

I couldn't even begin to remember that far back! I can't even remember last week.

Kay said...

You did good remembering. I actually went and looked in my journals for help. I figured that was allowed.

Erica said...

Can't say I remember who Ken was, and I don't have a yearbook to remember Levey (or was was it Levy?) by anymore. But, I do remember Sarah.

And that because in art class some boy wanted to go in her purse and she didn't want him to and she asked me to confirm she didn't have what he wanted to find in there (as she had a tampon in her purse.)

Was I the only other girl at my art table? I don't really remember...

Erica said...

oh, let me add that the boy did get a hold of her purse and she cried.

Mindi said...

love hearing about you--and do you notice on the comments who still loves you most? just saying....

i didn't know you had a real estate tell.

i would also love to hear about the sealing sometime if you ever felt it wasn't too private to share. i secretly drooled over your wedding dress and wished i could have gone for the "glam" like that.

Jeanette said...

I actually remember most of those memories. I do remember Ken also! Nice and tall! You do have a good memory. I'm not sure I could do that well.

Mia said...

Wow, I am impressed with your memory. I have absolutely no idea if I remember anything from 20 years ago. We are about to have our 6 year anniversary too. We have never had any really cool European vacations though, but they are most definitely on the list of thing to do.

Christie said...

That was fun to read. Maybe I'll accept the tag if I can remember enough stuff that far back.

tiburon said...

Very nice. Honestly I don't think I have it in me to go back that far!

.jimaie.marie. said...

man, you have a fabulous memory!!
I played along on my blog but had a hard time thinking of anything interesting! LOL!

alex dumas said...

I would also have to enlist the help of my journal to complete this exercise.

And what happened to Mindi's Ari-worship?