Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

Is it horrible that I'm doing a post about my presents? Sorry. I swear I'm not trying to brag. Just to say thanks to those who pampered me and showered me with gifts. And to brag. Just a little.

Exhibit A: The Adorable Apron
My mother made this super cute apron for me. It so girly and flattering. LOVE. IT. Don't love how I kind of look 5 months pregnant in this shot.

Exhibit B: Plaid Pajamas
The pj's Big Daddy got me. Love plaid. Light, cute, summery. Been wearing them for 5 days.

Exhibit C: Polka Dots
The robe Big Daddy got to replace the awful white robe that got stained when I washed a red crayon with it. 'Cause nothing says sexy like a white robe with red splotchy stains all over it. Hot.

Exhibit D: Glass
My brother and sister in law got me these beautiful bud vases from the Red Envelope. I love this place, mostly for the beautiful boxes they come wrapped in. What's inside is only semi-relevant.


Exhibit E: I'm-An-Old-Lady Shoes
I feel like a dork only being 35 and needing comfortable shoes, but it's true. I can't wear bad shoes for very long or my feet kill. So my sister got me these awesome sandals that are totally comfortable and actually cute. Tevas. Did you know they still make Tevas? Well they do, and they rock!

Exhibit F: Littlest Pet Shop
My daughter, Daphne, got me this toy monkey for my birthday. She picked it out herself. And then she opened it herself on my birthday morning before I got up. And now she won't let me hold it. Or play with it. What a gyp.

Exhibit G: YUM
German chocolate cake my darling Aunt Kathy made me. I really wanted to take the whole thing in the car with me on our trip. But I settled for a small slab, equal to half the cake.

Exhibits H-X: Flip flops, cute shirt, other cute shirt, other cute flip flops, delicious candles, wonderful fragrant soaps and lotions and candles, gift cards to my favorite restaurants and stores, an intriguing book, and more wonderful things that are too numerous to name and take pictures of. Thanks, Everyone!

Exhibit Y: Someone reads my blog!
And got me THE SNUGGIE! And in royal blue, thank goodness. Oh, I mocked it, but you can be dang sure I'm going to be attending my ward camp out in STYLE with this baby! Now if only I had a son in little league....

And finally, exhibit Z, my most favoritest, most awesome present ever (even if Big Daddy did only get it for me so I'd stop borrowing his):

Needless to say, I got completely spoiled. I felt a little guilty about it, until Big Daddy said, "Hey, you only turn 35 once." True, but I plan on turning 25 at least 5 more times.



Kristina P. said...

Of course I had to comment about the Snuggie! You will rock it!!

rychelle said...

you really made out there.

everything is great, but the jammies are clearly the best gift ever.

devri said...

I can't love the snuggie, it is just wrong.. but girl, you and Kristina will rock like she said!!!

Great job on the pet shop and the itouch!

Melissa said...

Because you are my soul sister, I think I am going to run out and get a snuggie.

L. said...

You look darling in the Apron! But 5 months pregnant? With what, a grain of sand?

You ought to get some cute oil-cloth and let me make you one that will shed the dirt.

I concur-- Kelly outdid himself beyond belief with your party! No other man will have half a chance to catch up. What a guy!

I have to tell you that Daphne swiped your snuggie some time during the night. I found her wrapped in it in her bed at 2 a.m. The next morning I had to fight her tooth and nail to get it back and re-box it. She is determined to OWN it (along with the monkey).

Anonymous said...

You totally got hooked up, good for you! I hope it was a fabulous birthday!

Sara said...

I need my brother for a husband! J/K but one just like him.

Shawn said...

Dang it! And I was going to get you the Snuggie!

Always a day late and a dollar short.

tiburon said...

I got you something and yet it isn't listed :(

Megan said...

You did get spoiled rotten.. I had noticed a funky odor in the air on your birthday, it was you rotting away in your spoils!
I don't think I've received that much in my last 5 birthdays & Christmas' combined!

Anonymous said...

You got all that and a weekend away? Kelly is ruining it for the rest of us guys trying to get by without having to do all this.