Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 Senses Tag

I made this up. I was thinking the other day of things I love to smell and taste and touch--insomnia, it'll make you do weird things--and I thought I might put it into a post. And then I thought it would be fun to hear what other people love to touch and taste and see. So I made it into a tag. I hope you'll play along (even if I didn't tag you), cause I'd love to read yours. Here are the rules:

5 Senses Tag

List 4 things you love, and one thing you hate, for each category. Then tag 5 people;
leave them a note on their blog so they know. Also, let the person who tagged you know when you post yours.

1. lilacs
2. brown sugar and vanilla
3. greenery after it rains
4. warm, sweet nuts, like those kind you smell at the fair
5. Hate: Beer brewing. I had to walk past a beer brewery on my way to school each day when I lived in Germany, and it made me dry heave every time. I never got used to it.

1. crisp. smooth cotton sheets
2. the soft skin on my husband’s neck, just under his ear (it’s my favorite spot to kiss)
3. fur, on naked skin. If you’ve ever held a cat or a bunny when you’re naked, the fur feels so much softer against your other skin than your hands. Come on, don’t tell me I’m the only one holding bunnies while naked??
4. Sticking my hand, arm deep, into a big bag of wheat or birdseed or other small, round objects. It feels so cool and soothing.
5. Hate: chalk. Touching chalk gives me the heebie jeebies

1. Crickets, and frogs if you’re lucky enough to hear them, at night in the summer time. It is just a quintessential summer sound that is so soothing and happy to me.
2. Beck’s laugh—he has the most hearty, deep gut laugh. It’s so infectious!
3. distant church bells. One thing I loved about traveling in Europe is how you might hear church bells chime or carillons play off in the distance at any time.
4. The crinkly sound a down comforter makes when you sit on it or pull it up to your chin.
5. Hate: Beck screeching when Daphne takes things away from him

1. marzipan
2. dark chocolate and raspberry together
3. gravy
4. fresh pineapple
5. Hate: blue cheeses. Sorry, I’m not into eating MOLD.

1. Green trees, as far as the eye can see
2. Turquoise, clear water—like the kind in the Caribbean
3. A clean kitchen
4. Glass. All kinds of glass—stained glass, glass bottles, glass pebbles, chandeliers... Something about the way light shines through glass is so beautiful to me.
5. Hate: Wounds. If I see wounds on people or animals, I get these weird sympathy pains, and I go weak for a minute. I could never be a nurse or a doctor.

I tag:

1. Tiburon
2. Jennie
3. Rychelle
4. Melissa
5. Mia


rychelle said...

this was fun!

thanks for the tag! i've been drawing a blank on what to post lately.

jennie w. said...

I'll do this tomorrow. I'm booked solid for the rest of the day.

jennie w. said...

And I agree with most of yours. Especially the beer brewery. NASTY!

jennie w. said...
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MiaKatia said...

This is a really good tag. I will post tomorrow so I have time to think of things that are original and not totally stolen off your list! PS, not so much on the frogs...

Karyn said...

what smell most resembles beer brewing?

Omgirl said...

Karyn: wet yeast, and barf, and garbage, and burning flesh all mixed together. It's so disgusting!

Kristine said...

This is great! I love the smell of ice tea brewing! Your hate of beer brewing made me think of it. And I hate when my kids scream/cry/wail! Baby laughs are awesome to hear! Even small voices. As long as they are talking nicely, not screaming!

L. said...

Sensations I Love (even though not tagged):
Smell: fresh Turpentine
Taste: Really exquisite Lemon Bars
Feel: baby bottoms, silky, soft, and spherical.
Sound: Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto, 3rd movement, in surround sound!
sight - perfectly clear sky at twilight when a yellow-green horizon blends into peacock, blends into cerulean, into indigo, into midnight full of crystalline stars that whisper you home.

Hates: Why waste time thinking about them?

Shawn said...

What a great idea! How do you have the time to post so much and come up with such great ideas---I am doing good to even read blogs---I stay up until 2:00 a.m. every night so I can keep up---but I still can't manage it.

Amazing. I will have to do this idea sometime---and I'll let you know...

tiburon said...


Thanks for this.

And thanks for the peek into the inner workings of Arianne.

rychelle said...

i posted mine too! come check it out.