Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All Made Up and Nowhere To Go

This post will take the form of a poll. Please feel free to choose one answer and then expand with commentary in the appropriate area.

When it comes to make up, I:

A) Never wear any
B) Wear very little. Maybe just lipstick, or just foundation, or just eye make-up.
C) Wear make-up on several areas of my face, but I try to make it look natural--subtle colors that simply enhance my natural beauty.
D) Like more dramatic make-up; bright lipstick and/or colorful eyeshadow and/or dark eye liner, plus foundation and/or blush
E) Vascilate bewteen answers ___ and ___, depending on the situation
F) Look like a whore and I like it

Also, if you chose A or B, do you wear little to no make up because:
T) It's too much trouble to put on
U) I hate the feel of it
V) It's too expensive
W) I don't really know how to wear make up
X) I don't look good in it/I look better without it/I prefer the natural look
Y) I've been living under a rock my whole life. What's make up?
Z) Other. Explain: __________________

Thank you for your participation.

No, I do not secretly work for Cover Girl.



tiburon said...

I usually only wear makeup if I an going out - church or with friends or something. It is most certainly not a daily occurrence.

I wear eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and gloss. No foundation or powder.

I prefer to accentuate instead of whore it up.

Melissa said...

Usually I am a C - but on occasion I enjoy whoring it up!

Kristina P. said...

I'm not a whore in the makeup department, but in most other aspects of my life I am.

And I go with C.

Jen said...

I'm a B for the first part, and a mixture of W and X for the second part. :)

rychelle said...


MiaKatia said...

Mostly A but I do C when I am going out on a date or with the girls, and if I have to speak/teach at church

I would love to be a D for really special occasions but... this is where I am a W

So for the most part I don't wear make up because of X there is a little bit of W thrown in.

Martha H. said...

C & on occasion D. I wear Bare Minerals, so it helps to keep me looking more natural. On occasion I enjoy a good eye-shadow, though.

Kenny and Kelli Ray said...

I am a C, sometimes a D...mostly for the dark eyeliner and blush. I'm not a bright eyeshadow kind of girl. I like browns, and neutrals...but I LOVE shimmer. Especially in the summer.

jennie w. said...

Who are these people? They go out in public with NO MAKE-UP???? I wear lipstick, concealer and powder, minimum, and that's only if I'm hitting the McDonalds drive-thru for breakfast or going to work out.

Always a C bordering on D, depending what you consider dramatic. My lips always show up, that's for sure. And my eyes look beady without some generous help.

Natural = haggard

Shawn said...

Well---girl, if you have read my blog, you know that I can't survive without my makeup! Hands down, I am usually a D---even though I don't like dark eyeliner and I tend to blend a lot.

Ok, ok, so you all should know---when I was modeling, I would do styling whenever I was preggie---so I actually DO know how to wear makeup---and I LOVE it!

Hmmmm, maybe I should give away some makeup and hair for a special occasion.

Except you would have to come to New England...

L. said...

Z! I am definitely other! I don't have to wear makeup at all like you other poor girls because I GOT MINE TATOOED ON! Ha, ha on you!

I'm all made up when I get out of bed every morning. Click on my photo. All I'm wearing is foundation to hide my age spots. Not bad for 66, huh?

Cost an arm and a leg, though.

Ben said...

A. I don't wear any makeup
Z. because I'm a dude.

What is with this obviously sexist blog? ;-) My smiley wears eyeshadow so his winks stand out.

Anonymous said...

I wear about $50 worth of makeup everyday but I learned how to apply it so well that you can't tell I'm even wearing it.