Sunday, December 28, 2008

Amazing New Invention!!!

Oh my gosh, you guys! You HAVE to see this! It's so revolutionary! We all have to get one RIGHT. NOW.

Oh wait. Sorry. They already have these. They're called ROBES.

Well, there must be an advantage to this fancy blanket with sleeves. Is it:

A) Regular robes don't come in THESE sweet colors (royal blue, burgandy, and aqua)

B) Automatic entry into the Vulcan fan club

C) Instantly letting everyone know that you are too cool to wear your robe frontwards.

D) No more 911 calls when you get hopelessly trapped inside your regular blanket. (Come on, you know this happens to you all the time.)

E) When the mother ship arrives from behind the comet to take you to your home planet, you'll already be dressed to go!

F) When you and your family wear matching Snuggies to the game, you'll hear nothing but, "Hey what a smart and stylish family!"

G) With a name like "Snuggie" you'll never run out of invitations to pull your family members' underwear up their buttcrack. ("Mommy, I want a Snuggie too!" "Hey, where's MY snuggie? "Dad, give me my Snuggie!")


H) You don't have to bother with stupid accessories like pockets or a sash to keep your Snuggie on. And your backside will always stay nice and cool when you walk around.

It seems like the advantages of a Snuggie are unlimited! So get yours today!


CaraDee said...
Don't knock it till you try it. Brandon bought me one of these for our anniversary. I laughed and laughed. Till I used it. I LOVE mine. They are way LONGER than a robe, and are super warm and super soft. I am a coldie you see, and this is my testimony of the slanket. I can't vouch for the cheapie knock-off, the Snuggie.

tammy said...

LOL - my 7 year old asks for one everytime this commercial comes on.

mCat said...

You jest, as you should, but does the Snug Sack mean anything to you? Nooooo you are probably too young. But I did have one (so similar to this) and it ROCKED!!!

Christie said...

LOL - Ben and I had a good laugh about these the other day (I think we saw a TV commercial?). I can't believe people actually buy those.

veronica said...

LOL! I said the same thing when I saw the infomercial. It's a ROBE people!

Kay said...

I like choice E

Financial Aid for College said...

This is your mother, testing to see if I can leave a comment. It hasn't been working.

Financial Aid for College said...

I knew you HAD to be joking!

Anonymous said...

I was going to buy one until I read past your sarcasm and saw the light. Thanks for the enlightenment!

Notme said...

HAHA. Oh I saw that on TV one day and I immediately thought of my grandma. What a joke. I especially like the grown up man snuggling down in one to read a book, or taking it to the game.
Oh my hilarious!

Chelsea said...

You forgot the number one reason: so you'll look like you belong to a wizard cult!