Saturday, December 13, 2008


My right arm got cut off 3 days ago. It was painful. Difficult to function. Nothing worked the same and every minute of my day took great effort to get through. It was harder dealing with my kids without my arm. I was close to tears a lot, in fact. MAJOR withdrawal insued. Oh wait. That wasn't my arm. It was my internet! Well, it felt the same as my arm.

Luckily, I performed a router-ectomy night and my husband completed the surgery with a fancy new router implant this morning. Now I am up and running at usual speeds. I don't have to sit on the wood floor with my back against the bookcase, directly underneath the modem with a short ethernet cord attached directly to my computer anymore.

If it seems I've been missing lately--not reading your blogs, blogging (oh, how you've missed it, I know), not responding to emails, etc., just know that it isn't because I don't love you. Or blogging. Or spending every possible moment online. I just needed a new arm.

Thanks, Doctor.


Anonymous said...

You're turning into a Luke Skywalker droid relying on your technologically advanced arm. No wonder you could do without your TV and not the Internet.

Notme said...

Hmm.. a router implant. Does that come in a D-cup by chance? :)
glad you are up and running again