Friday, December 5, 2008

I Have a Two Year Old

His Name is Beck.

He was born 2 years ago today, at 1pm after a very long night of waiting for him to come.

He has a dimple in his right cheek that makes me swoon whenever he smiles.

He's obsessed with trains and walks around the house saying "All Aboard!" all day.

He's a very good singer and remembers the words to almost every song.

He is very talented at finding open cupboards and relieving them of their contents.

He is sweet and loving and mostly good.

Before I had Beck, I didn't know if I could love a boy. Does that sound crazy? Well, I really only wanted girls. Now he is the love of my life. My sweetest joy. The love of my life. Did I just say that? I guess I it must be true. Either that or I shouldn't try to type while watching TV.

Have a wonderful birthday, Bubba!


Jen said...

Happy Birthday Beck!!!

Hildie said...

Happy birthday baby beck! What great-looking cake!

rychelle said...

he's so very handsome!

happy birthday beck.

CaraDee said...

Oh Beck, you are so lucky to share a birthday with such a wonderful, talented, and amazing person like me. Happy Birthday.

rachel said...

that is so sweet...I never knew I would love being the mom to a boy so much either :)

Mia said...

Happy Birthday Beck!

tiburon said...

Happy Birthday Beck!!!

Mindi said...

hb beck!!! hope you aren't old enough to feel slighted by my cruel non-recognition and late birthday greetings!