Friday, February 6, 2009

Top Five Most Dreaded Household Chores EVER


These are my most hated household chores:
1. Mopping the kitchen floor.
2. Sweeping the bathroom floor. (tile)
3. Mopping the bathroom floor. (tile)
4. Scrubbing the master bathroom shower (tile). It rubs my knuckles raw trying to get into those rough, grouty corners where that icky orange stuff appears. Do you know what I would pay for some of these, if they really existed??
5. Doing any of the above over again in a 30 day period of time. Yet it keeps on happening. I try to leave these things for Big Daddy to do. And he will mop, bless his heart. He does a fine job of it, too. Even polishes the wood floors in the kitchen with a towel and wood polish. But the rest, they just haunt me.

What about you? What are your most hated household chores?


Chelsea said...

Laundry, laundry, and laundry. I hate the way it seems to take all day and has so many steps. Sort clothes. Bring downstairs. Wash. Move to dryer. Take out of dryer. Fold. Put away. Start again. AHH!

I actually don't mind doing floors.

jennie w. said...

1. Laundry
2. Laundry
3. Laundry
4. Laundry
5. Sorting through kids outgrown clothes (almost like doing laundry).

Omgirl said...

You know what's funny? Laundry is probably my favorite household chore to do. And I absolutely LOVE sorting through the kids' clothes to take out the ones that don't fit or are out of season. Too bad you don't live close anymore, Jennie. We could swap. I'd do your laundry if you mopped my floors. Seriously.

Kristina P. said...

I hate laundry and the bathroom. Fortunately, I have a husband who will do both those things.

rychelle said...

um. can i say all of them?!?

Chadlock said...

Folding laundry! I don't mind putting it in the washer and dryer just sorting through it I hate!

devri said...

Laundry and my room, I don't know why that is so hard for me, maybe because I get irratated that my hubby throws his clothes on the floor for me to pick them up. argh

L. said...

My most hated job is de-junking my counter and dresser tops. I feel compelled to save every receipt, special coupon, interesting article, old Ensign or Time, ads I might want, stuff I should return to the stores slightly used printer paper I could cut into post-it notes, pencils, chap- stick, books I should throw away, 10 year old letters from friends, Christmas cards with addresses, cute little boxes I might use again, magic markers, audiotapes I mean to burn to CD, instruction manuels, Kleenex boxes with 2 Kleenexes nauseum.

No matter how often I bite the bullet and sort the junk, there are always 3 new piles the next day.

Laundry and mopping? Easy Street!

Melissa said...

I'm the weird one of the bunch, I actually LOVE laundry! The organzing, the sorting, the putting away, the cleanliness of it all.
HATED chore? Washing walls. ARRGGHHH!

Shawn said...

I just wish that we could do some kind of household swap or something--they could do the chores that I hate and I could do the chores that they hate.

Only trouble is, I don't really have a chore that I like to do....uhhh...nope....not one.

I'm a cleaning loser.

I have to "get a bug up my butt" to clean, and then I do it...whirlwind style.

tiburon said...

Cleaning the bathrooms. I hate cleaning the bathrooms.

MiaKatia said...

I must be weird too because I love laundry. I can't stand the floors, vacuuming or sweeping/mopping. I don't mind doing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen. I can't stand cleaning my desk though, I procrastinate so many little to do things like adding/changing people's addresses from their Christmas cards.

Sara said...

Mopping is definitely my least favorite, I just let the kids do it with there socks!!

Anonymous said...

Are your kitchen floors wood? Linoleum? At least they're not tile. I hate all housework. Making it a mess is the fun part.

CaraDee said...

I don't know why, but I hate mopping too. I think it's because you have to wait for it to dry. LAME. I don't mind laundry so much, as long as I do the whole process right then, otherwise there are 5 baskets piled up in my room that I am trying to hurdle each night. Pisses my husband off. I think I'm with "L." and the clutter. I have a lot and I'm not good at taking care of it.