Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nobody Loves Me Like DDR

DDR, or Dance Dance Revolution (Hottest Dance Party), is my home exercise of choice. I have an eliptical machine. HATE IT. The weather is too gross for outdoor exercise. And so I usually do DDR when I don't feel like dragging my kids to the gym to get yet another disease from the germ-fest daycare. And can I just say, my DDR is SO NICE TO ME!

Whenever I choose a new song, even if it's one that I got an E on last time (E, as in, Embarrassingly bad), it says, "Nice Choice!!!". Why, thank you, DDR.

While I'm dancing, the screen sends out encouraging messages like "Perfect!" "Marvelous!" "Great!" and "Good." The constant positive feedback is so uplifting.

And occasionally it shouts things like, "I'm loving it!" no matter how good or bad my dancing actually is.

When I finish a song, it says, "Nobody can move like you do!" And that's true. My moves are quite unique.

Even when I do badly, it doesn't berate me. It only says, "Aw, you can do better than that" or "That's OK. Try again!" If only I had such quiet encouragement in all aspects of my life. My life would be more like this:

"You didn't pay the gas bill this month? That's OK. Try again."
"This cheese stick has been sitting here under the table for three days. Aw, you can do better than that."
" Wow, my shirt is ironed to perfection! Nobody moves like you do."
" Nap time, Mommy? Nice choice!"
" Another time out? I'm loving it!"
" Grilled Cheese for dinner again. Marvelous!"

Sounds good, right? I think I'll write to Nintendo and ask them to start doing training classes for spouses and kids of Wii owners. Maybe a petition. Whose with me?

Here. It's your own personal copy, in case you aren't lucky enough to have the positive life coach I now have:


rychelle said...

i'm on board!

(also, if you ever need a REALLY GOOD LAUGH, i'll come "dance" for you some time. my moves are quite unique as well).

Chadlock said...

I really stink at DDR! I'm so uncoordinated!

Melissa said...

Love it! And picturing you dancing away with the DDR makes me giggle!

Shawn said...

I am a real doofus because I can't do Dance Revolution. I actually am a dancer and choreographer, but I have trouble doing DDR.

What does that say about me?

Maybe that I like to dance to the beat of my own drummer?

Heh, heh----but I do like the idea of a cheerleading section to get us through our lives---hey--maybe we should do this----want to?

L. said...

Man, would I like to steal that music! It's great! I know DDR is super exercise, even if I can't do it very well. I prefer winging it to the music.

L. said...

By the way, when your Wii sample ended, it showed some other supposed Wii music icons. I clicked the next to the right, and it looked like an Indian version of Michael Jackson in Thriller, but with bouncy, up-to-date music. Since the words were in Hindi, I had to read the subtitles, which were so hilarious, somebody must have made them up (Example: "this Wii dance is so cool I think I'll pee my pants.") Anyhow the music was great, but the choreography was soooooo Michael Jackson Thriller...! If I could get this music on an album, I'd buy it!

Being as how you know everything about India, Wii, and how to rip music off the computer, why don't you tell me how I can get this song and/or album? It can't REALLY be a Wii program.

Chelsea said...

I totally need to get DDR, what a fun workout! And the encouragement sounds nice too. I can always use more of that!

Christie said...

I have never actually played DDR, unless you count the one time I made a complete embarassment of myself at Trafalga in college. Maybe I can play some time.

Anonymous said...

We just got this for Jen so she can use it after she's gotten the ok from her doctor. She's pretty excited about it.