Friday, February 6, 2009

A Love Giveaway

My friend Kami over at It's No Biggie is doing a sweet Valentine's Giveaway. It includes all of this stuff:

1. An I love you more than Edward Cullen Valentine made by the sweet Dandee. She has since sold out of these on her etsy shop, so you could be one of the lucky few. (Thank you Dandee ☺)
2. A Quickies in the Kitchen cook book - A cook book of 30 minute meals
3. Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons
4. A necklace with hearts
5. A heart shaped picture holder

I'm not telling this so you'll enter too. I'm telling this so that I can get another entry. Why would I want to help YOU win? But if you must...see instructions for entering here.


Anonymous said...

Such cool stuff huh?!?

Kristine said...

Cute give-away!

Kami said...

woot woot! Thanks Arianne!

ps. what does knit mean?

Omgirl said...

I'm not sure what you're referring to, Kami. ???

Anonymous said...

I so want that just for the Edward Cullen thing...who is he by the way? Is that a Twilight thing?