Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jennie's Amazingly Fattening Giveaway

My sister is named Jennie. She is:

A) beautiful (see above)
A 1/2) funny
B) a good writer
C) real. tells it like it is
D) the best baker. And I'm not exaggerating. She won "best baker in Utah" at the state fair for having the most blue ribbons
E) having a blog give away for CREAM-CHEESE BROWNIES. Homemade. Phenomenal.

Click here to enter.

And then read her blog while you are there, because it's almost as good as her brownies. Ok, maybe better. But they're a very close second.


Christie said...

Mmmm - after we just talked about brownies last night. I'm going to have to enter :)

Anonymous said...

I am all over this one!

tiburon said...


Aren't you people in the Biggest Loser!?!?

Shawn said...

Ok, so I'm a dork---cause I didn't realize that Jennie was your sis1

No wonder you are both so gorgeous! Now I see it!!

And yes, I entered---even though I don't usually win---its fun to do and I know that at least my hubby would enjoy the brownies...

I'm like you---trying to lose some weight---(sigh)

Shawn said...

What? I meant "sis"! (my exclamation points don't always work)

Kristine said...

Yum! Thanks! I'm not in Biggest Loser ;)