Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Here are some of my favorite inventions:

Actually, that kind wasn't that cool. Let's replace it with this one

I am not including this: Why on earth does THIS invention get top billing (as in, "The best thing since sliced bread")?? How hard is it to cut bread? Back in the old days were bread knives a rare commodity? Was their hand-eye coordination not very well developed? Did they have to take their bread to special slicing shops where people who had completed years of training could do it without lopping off a finger or making triangular shaped pieces? Maybe. But we've come a long way since then. We've really advanced our technology. Now I think it would make WAY more sense to say, "The best thing since toilet paper." Or "the best thing since garbage trucks." Or "the best thing since dental floss." But SLICED BREAD? Come on.

But I digress. My point to this post is to talk about my latest favorite invention (we've had it for a while, but this time of year, when all my shows start again, I'm especially amazed by it):

It is not an exaggeration IN THE SLIGHTEST to say that the DVR has revolutionaized my life. Sure, it's not related to cleaning up any bodily function, as most of my favorite inventions are (diapers, tampons, barf bags). But it allows me to watch all my favorite shows WHENEVER I WANT. AND....drumroll please...WITHOUT COMMERCIALS. Now THAT is a great invention. I can instantly tape every show I want to watch, two at a time now, watch one while another one is taping, or watch something different altogether, live, while my two other shows are taping. It's a miracle. The loaves and the fishes thing was cool, but I'm pretty sure those loaves were not sliced, so the DVR probably wins.

In fact, it's so impressive to me that I think I'm going to call for an official change of the sliced bread idiom. From now on, whenever something is a cool invention, I'm going to say, "Wow! That thing is a cool invention! It's the best thing since the DVR!"

I'm starting a verbal revolution.



Chelsea said...

I am SO with you! The influence of the DVR on a TV watcher's life cannot be exaggerated!

tiburon said...

Soooo with you it isn't even funny. I have also heard "the greatest thing since canned beer"


I am all up in my DVR and it gets a workout from this TV Junkie!

rachel said...

Here, here, I spent the last year without DVR after having one and went thru serious withdrawals. I think the DVR has saved my marriage actually :)

CaraDee said...

Oh baby, I've been singing its praises for 3 years. I am the happiest person ever because of tivo. EVER.

Hildie said...

I'm voting for toilet paper. But the DVR is pretty life-changing.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on toilet paper and electriciy. Drive throughs are pretty spiffy, too.

Mindi said...

i am with you on the dvr--but i am currently in mourning for my tivo. we switched to dish about 1 month ago and it has kicked my arrsse. tivo was much more user friendly. but i am just grateful that i don't have to whip out the vhs cassettes like my dad. (not kidding.)

Christie said...

DVR has changed my life. Seriously. And I haven't seen a real commercial in months.

By the way - that is my exact cell phone! Love it!

Mia said...

So right there with you!!! I love my dvr.

alex dumas said...

Wow. Cell phones have advanced quite a bit in the last year. The one pictured could almost move to the rotary phone category when compared to what we have to choose from now.