Monday, September 22, 2008

Gone To a Better Place

Well, we tried to keep Sasha (the little kitten I found) but we had two major problems:

1) Flossie, our resident sour puss, hisses and tries to eat Sasha.
2) I'm not interested in having a newborn ANYTHING, I've discovered. Not even a sweet little kitten. His crying all night plus constant feedings, plus keeping the kids and cat from mauling him to death, plus cleaning up his messes, just isn't the speed of pet I'm up for right now.

Oh, and he peed on me last night. That was fun.

So we took Sasha to the animal shelter today. He hissed at the lady when she tried to take him out of the box, but he let me do it. It made me sad because I had finally gotten him to trust me and not hiss at me and here I was, giving him up.

Daphne cried the whole way home about losing her baby kitty. But I tried to tell her how much happier Sasha would be now that he was with the other kitties and doggies. She kept crying. So I lied and told her that Sasha was with his mommy and daddy. That seemed to make her feel a little better. But she still cried for a while. Hopefully soon someone will adopt Sasha and he really will be happy. And I won't have been completely lying about Sasha going to a better place.


tiburon said...

So sad that Daphne cried. :(

CaraDee said...

I'm pretty sure they've NEVER euthanized a kitten. Someone somewhere always adopts kittens.

Anonymous said...

Mason still prays for Rusty and Bucu. Maybe they can all meet up at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm...or wherever they go after they leave us.

Mindi said...

i think you've doomed poor sasha to the glue factory. just saying.

(oh, only horses? YOU THINK.)

P.S. i don't want to care for newborn anything, either. that's why my girls think i'm so mean.

Christie said...

Poor Daphne. I'm sure she'll get over it though.

Chelsea said...

Oh, that is sad. But I'm sure he will get adopted, kittens are easy to place!

alex dumas said...

Hissing kittens aren't so popular.
Don't you think there should be a cat whisperer?