Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Life in 5 Questions

I was convinced that I could figure out the jist of my personality in 5 questions or less until I did this quiz:

Your Superpower Should Be Super Speed

You're quick witted and fast to act.

You're mind works at warp speed. From your perspective, everyone else is living in slow motion.

You get so much done, people have accused you of not sleeping.

Definitely not a couch potato, you feel a bit crazy if you're not busy doing something.

Why you would be a good superhero: You're be the first on the scene... and likely to finish the job before anyone else shows up

Your biggest problem as a superhero: Being bored by everyone else. Including other superheroes!

Man, did they get THAT one wrong. Me? High energy? Nope. While I am pretty quick-minded, I'm really also good friends with the couch.

But then I did this one, with only ONE question (my birthday) and they got it SO right.

You Are An Olive Tree

You're a warm, kind person, and you always seem to be the mediator.

Balanced and reasonable, people can count on you to be tolerant.

You have a well developed sense of justice - and avoid aggression and violence.

Your idea of a perfect day? Reading in the afternoon sun.

You are cheerful, sensitive, empathetic, and free of jealousy.

But afterall, this one is horoscope based. the answer was determined by the stars, not man. So I guess it all makes sense after all.

Thanks, Mia, for the fun quizzes!


Notme said...

where do you find all these fun things? I dont even want to know what it says about me!

Mia said...

I love this! I think the bottom one sounds pretty dang good. I would love an afternoon reading in the sun.

alex dumas said...

That superhero one is gay. I got the same result you did, and it's not true for me either.