Monday, September 22, 2008

I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me...

I am cutting this pretty close. It's 11:15pm by my computer clock, so in only 45 minutes, Blurker Amnesty Day will have ended and I would have missed it.

What is Blurker Amnesty Day, you ask? Well, let me explain:

Blog + lurker = blurker. If you read this blog but don't comment, you're a blurker.
A pardon + complete forgetfulness of the event = Amnesty.

So if you comment on my blog on Blurker Amnesty day, you get to do so without fear that I will start googling you, doing background checks, hiring private eyes to investigate you, start stalking your blog, or expecting you to comment on my blog on a regular basis. I just want to know who you are!

Do I flatter myself that you even exist? This experiment to bring out the blurkers could end up like that party I threw in 8th grade where no one showed up. Embarrassing. A major blow to the ego. The cause of my love affair with baked goods. So please, if you blurk, come out--just for today--and say HI! You can do so by clicking at the bottom of this post where it says "____ comments." Sign in with your google blogging ID or as anonymous (but tell me your name, just for today).

And because I jumped on this bandwagon late, I'm officially extending Blurker Amnesty day through September 23rd.

Want to know more? Rather than plagiarize, I'll send you to the source:

Click here

So, it is now 11:36 by my computer clock. That leaves you 24 hours and 34 minutes to make my day. Ready, Set, Go!

p.s. Do you have that Rockwell song in your head now? I do. If you do too, then you are SO cool.


Mindi said...

not a blurker. just a blesbian.

but i heart arianne.

tammy said...

It's me. But I'm not a total blurker because I've left a few comments lately. I'm a half blurker.

Unknown said...

blurker here.

Kati Atwood said...

Yup. I'm here.

rachel said...

totally have that song in my head now...takes me back, WAY back!

tiburon said...

Way to play along. can't wait to see if you have blurkers.... nothing like beating the bushes.

Anonymous said...

I forgot the password to all my stalker/blurker accounts.

Mrs. G. said...

So, I'm deblurking?

Suzie said...

I love this idea.
Hope there is another special day coming up. I always look at my site meter and think, "Who are these peeps and why don;t they say hello?"
Oh well.
Here's to you and your blurkers but mostly to us, your loyal, loving commenters.

(poor kitty, poor DAPHNE!)

Kay said...

I like the name.. Blurker.

Cook Family said...

I love your blog!
Jessica (blurker)

Notme said...

I thought I posted.. guess not.

Ok. now I posted. :)

alex dumas said...

There had to be more than this.