Monday, September 15, 2008

It's All in the Family

Do you have things that you eat in your family that only you eat? Maybe they're even bizarre to others, but totally normal to you guys? We have a few in my family. Here they are:

1) Cream cheese and Jelly Crackers. This was one of my dad's favorite snacks. Clubhouse Crackers (the rectangular ones), a 1/4" slab of cream cheese, and grape jelly on top. I know it sounds strange, maybe even gross, but it's actually super good. I haven't had them in years. But just thinking of them reminds me of my dad. My brother did a whole post on the art of eating cream chease and jelly crackers. Pretty funny. That's what made me think of doing this post.

2) The next one also involves cream cheese. I swear it's not a family obsession or anything. This is one my grandma taught me. And I'm not sure anyone else in my family even eats it, but she taught me the proper way to make a cream cheese and olive sandwich, and they are divine. Of course, you have to like green olives, which eiiminates a lot of people from liking this dish right there. You also have to not mind your thighs getting bigger by just looking at this sandwich. So if you're not out of the runnings yet, here is how you make a cream cheese and olive sandwich. First start with two slices of white bread. Not too soft. Cream cheese takes a little spreading, so Wonder is never going to hold up to this sandwich. Second, spread a thin layer of softened butter on each side of the bread. Next, put a 1/4" layer of cream cheese on one slice of the bread. It helps if you slice the cream cheese to that width ahead of time so you don't damage your bread trying to spread it thinner. Last, slice about 15 green olives in half. Put them flat side down on the cream cheese. Press softly to stick them down. Put your two slices of bread together and enjoy! And you will enjoy it if you were honest about liking olives and not minding being fatter.

3) The last one isn't bizarre or gross. It doesn't even involve cream cheese. But it's something that my family eats that no one else I know eats. It's called Wiener Schnitzel (pronounced Veener, not weener). Directly translated, it means Viennese cutlet. It's an Austrian dish that my grandmother passed on to her family. We eat it at special occasions when the whole family is together. It's made of thinly sliced pork (although it can be made with veal, chicken, or even turkey. But my grandmother said that the peasant Austrians traditionally used pork) dipped in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs, then fried until the breading begins to bubble and turn golden. You can eat it with lemon squeezed on it, or with pork gravy. And you should always eat it with Spaetzle, homemade noodles, just like in the song. It's absolutely wonderful.

So what are your family food traditions?


Kay said...

the carob brownies with rice krispies. yum!

Mia said...

Texas sheet cake at all birthdays (except mine I'm the odd ball). Tamales at Christmas, they are a family tradition to make. Sour cream chicken enchiladas delish! Hamburger steaks with onions served with white gravy over rice. Hubby's family, sweedish pancakes when we all get together. Late night ice cream is a must at his house too. And the hubby's brother always makes something Italian he learned on his mission.

2 is out for me because I can't do olives. But one sounds great and I think I have had three.

Devri said...

Horse, dog, and fish eyes... no lies, wanna come for dinner sometime?

Kristine said...

Wow, interesting. #1 I've had something similar so it doesn't sound too bad. #2 I could probably handle, but do you seriously have to put butter on it too?? Anything with cream cheese I'm usually good for ;) #3 I have never heard of! Very interesting.

Sadly I don't think we have any traditional foods in my family. We're typical Americans who love food!

Mindi said...

taco bell. (really.)

i could TOTALLY get into the cream cheese and jelly. i love salty and sweet. my favorite combo is ritz crackers and frosting.

Christie said...

#s 1 and 3 sound good, but #2 does not sound good at all. My family has a couple of things: corn pudding (so divinely yummy!!) and Texas chocolate cake. Not really so weird though.

beth said...

Our family tradition on holidays is stuffed pig's stomach! I know-gross! It's a Pennsylvaina Dutch thing!

Misty said...

This is so funny, but yes we have a ton of family quirks that we love, but my fam is from Newfoundland, Canada, so there isn't much else to do there, but eat!:

1. We dip our toast in hot chocolate or OJ.
2. We put ketchup on our tacos.
3. We eat french fries dipped in brown gravy.
4. We drink milk with most Italian foods (pasta, pizza, lasagne, etc.).
5. Everyone in my family eats Saltine crackers with a layer of peanut butter & a layer of fudge or chocolate frosting. I can't eat it anymore, I am not allergic to PB and so sad.
6. I eat milk floats. Sounds strange yes, but it's just ice cream with milk poured over it. The milk ices up and it's awesome.

Many others, but that's a few to stew over. Try the saltines trick - it is awesome!

tiburon said...

I seriously can't think of any...

Jen said...

Mine is Saltine crackers crushed in milk eaten with a spoon, and sliced cucumbers with sour cream salt and pepper. YUMMY!!!

Andre's is Gram crackers with Caro syrup, and milk. Thats all I can think of.

alex dumas said...

I guess I don't eat anything weird, but I am not opposed to trying. But I could not eat that olive sandwich. Cannot handle the taste of olives.

And carob is disgusting. There's no substitute for chocolate.