Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blurkers Revealed

Well, I"m happy to say that my Blurker Amnesty Day didn't turn out like my 8th grade party where no one showed up. Yay! It was more like my 9th grade party where a very small, but very quality, group of friends showed up. The really good ones. Few, but fabulous. So I want to thank:

Mrs. G


Tammy (who just barely revealed herself before this post)



Oreste (who put his comment under the post "Here, Here!").

And I have to give a special thank you to Oreste because A) He blurks all the way from freaking ITALY!!! Wow. And (I think) he is a MALE. (If not, I might have just lost a loyal blurker.) So those two things make me feel super dooper mega special.

Thanks for outing yourselves. It's nice to know that what I say is interesting enough for former strangers (now blog-friends) to read. And for those of you blurkers who didn't out yourselves yesterday (I'm going to pretend there are dozens of you), maybe next time?

And thanks, of course, to all my other loyal readers, friends, family, bliends, and blesbians who read me and comment all the time. You know my self esteem is based 95% on how many people read and comment on my blog on a regular basis, so you're keeping my therapy bills low. THANKS!


Mindi said...

i am with you on the self-esteem thing--i knew i had a problem after i started blogging and i would base my day midway thru on how many people had read me. lame. why do we care?


Anonymous said...

I talked to Jen and she said she's been in my SIL's basement without much service. She said that she's having dinner tonight with the girls in the family, that she did get your message and was glad you called (she said you sounded excited to talk to her and see her, which made her feel good), and that she will call you tomorrow. The only thing is that they're flying back to Houston tomorrow around noon. When we're there in November she wants to get together with y'all (in addition to the shower). Just remember I'm the messenger. :D

Devri said...

Wow a male,, way cool even from Italy... bow down to you sistah!!!

Kay said...

My blog doesn't get blurkers. I think I'm boring. And I can't blurk on yours.. I have to comment. And what makes up the other 5% of your self-esteem? I'm curious!
Anyhows... I love reading your blog. And one day I'll be the top on your who loves me most blog post list. (^_^)p

alex dumas said...

Dream on, Karyn.