Thursday, September 18, 2008

Her Week, In Pictures

I have a friend

Whose week has been like this

She doesn't have one of these this week

Because he is here

So no one was there to console her when she had one of these

with her adorable but sassy this

Also, she did this this week

And no one in her family did this

or this

to tell her how proud they were.

I'm sorry. I feel like this for you, Girl.

And I want her to know that if my clock looked like this

I still wouldn't be able to accomplish as much in a day as she does.

She does this

And this (Watching and cheering, of course)

And this

And this

and this both for fun AND for work!

So in my book, she is really more like this

If you know her, take a minute to tell her she is awesome. It might make her feel more like this


tiburon said...

You just made me cry. That was the sweetest thing ever. Let's get married and make out.

Thanks so much Ari you are awesome. Really really.

tammy said...

How sweet are you?

I agree - Tib rocks!!

Mia said...

That stinks to hear that Tib had such a bad week. I let her know that I think she is superwoman in my book too.

Aimee said...

What a sweet tribute! You're a great friend... and you're right - she is pretty dang awesome (and I haven't even met her IRL yet)!

Megan said...

Too cute.. you almost made me cry & it's not about me!!

Judi said...

what a nice thing to do! You both rock.

rachel said...

That was so cute and I am glad it cheered her up...she and you totally rock!

Hildie said...

I only wish you loved me that much. By why is Tib having a week like gold hair gel?

Suzie said...

This was phenomenal!
I have loved Tib for months and my respect for her only increases with time.

Koreena said...

What a sweet thing to do for her.

Mindi said...

tib's not joking when she said she cried. it was the ugly cry. which is a good thing. she told me about it when i talked to her today to make sure she wasn't around any sharp objects.

pretty frickin' cool, arianne--that's why we are blesbian blovers. :)

kami @ said...

We all love Tib! does she do it all. I hope she sees this here, Way to go Tib!

Chelsea said...

This is so sweet! And so true. Tib rocks!

Notme said...

That is so nice of you! Tib does rock, and she is super mom in my opinion. I wish I had a friend who cared that much about me.

alex dumas said...

Here's another reason why I like you and didn't know it yet.

(That could also describe this week, and next...)