Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Wish Fairy

If a wish fairy showed up today and said, "I can wave my magic wand and change 3 things about your body," what 3 things would you change?


1) Hairless. Except eyebrows, eyelashes, and head. Why pay for laser treatments when you have a wish fairy around?
2) Bibbity-Bobbity-Buttlift!
3) I almost said lovely cheekbones on this one, but I suppose I should be a titch more practical (because, you know, wish fairies are all about pragmatism) and wish for perfect vision. You'd think this one wouldn't need a wish fairy with science on our side, but my eyes have never been stable enough for lasik. Stupid eyeballs.



Alyssa said...

hairless and perfect vision are pretty high on my wish list - my mother thinks someone should invent a dip where you basically dunk your whole body in (minus eyes and hair of course) and it all magically goes away forever. My third thing would be a fully functioning knee that no longer requires surgery, knee braces or ibuprofin and can be run on and jumped on without ill effect.
Wow, I thought I would be more vain than those three but there you go.

Jen said...

Oh I want the hair-less one too! Nice legs would be number one though, and hmmm no more cronic back pain.

Kristina P. said...

I would love to have my tummy pooch go away. I can't wait to see that that looks like *after* I have kids.

just call me jo said...

Make it three for hairlessness. One complete face lift (does a good nose go with this one?) And lovely, long legs with nice ankles. I've never had ankles.

Teachinfourth said...

Where would I start?

Natasha and Jesse said...

Hi! I'm here from Teachinfourth's blog. Hmm, I think being hairless would be nice, no more shaving!; Perfect vision; And not sure on the last one, I have so many other things I would want to change.

Rachel Sue said...

Hmmm. My belly. #1. My arms. #2. and I think I'm with you. My eyes would have to be #3.

Mrs. O said...

I was just at Sephora and saw a product called Buttlift-in-a-box - how sad is it that I wondered if it actually worked?

I would love to have all my stretchmarks disappear.

And the no more shaving - EVER - is very appealing.

Hildie said...

1. Super awesome butt

2. Super awesome skinny hips

3. Super flat stomach

So basically everything changed between my belly button and my thighs.

I can't believe so many people would waste a wish on being hair-free!

CaraDee said...

I have the hair under control.
Mine would be
1. Add some calves!
2. Have a tummy tuck
3. Add some boobs

I can always tattoo my eyebrows on. The other 3 involve plastic surgery. ha!

Financial Aid for College said...

Hey, I have it mostly wrapped up in wish #1 -- have my 17 year-old body back, lock, stock and barrel! (Or boobs, butt, and belly!)

Then the no hair and good eyes. (I also wouldn't have knock knees, but that's wish #4. Can I wish for a normal personality? WOULD I want a normal personality?)

Hmmm, I wouldn't mind wishing for the pictured "fairy" as my companion, but only if he comes with a normal, masculine sex drive, and is crazy for me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, good question.

Um... first I'd go with perfect vision. That would be nice. Second, I'd want my keratosis gone--you know, those red bumps a lot of people get on their upper arms? Mine is terrible, especially in the winter. 90% of my shirts are half to full sleeves. And last... I think I'd probably due the body hair too, namely because shaving my underarms sucks major time.

I considered getting the flat stomach, but since I feel that's something I can do on my own (if I'm determined, anyway) I wouldn't make it one of my three. :D

alex dumas said...

I would raise my metabolism to where it was when I was sixteen, so I could eat anything I wanted and not worry about what effect it would have. I would also wish for the gray hair to go away so that I wouldn't have to color it anymore. And I would probably have my menstrual cycle turned off, with no nasty hormonal side effects.

Mia said...

All for the hairless! I love my glasses so wouldn't give those up.

Just SO said...

Perfectly straight white teeth. I would put this on all three places but that probably isn't in the rules so here are my other two...

a flat tummy
long hair

kado! said...

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