Friday, April 9, 2010

Formspring Answers - Part Trois

If you haven't heard of Formspring, it's a website where you can ask your friends anonymous questions you've always wanted to know the answers to. Here are the latest questions and answers.

Questions Answered:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Can you possibly know how much your blog and YOU are appreciated?
I guess I may never know for sure, but comments like this give me an inkling. Thank you so much for saying so! I am glad my blog helps/entertains/kills time for a few people out there.

And you can never know how much I appreciate you readers!

How does the 2nd part of the HCG work, after your 21 days?

The second phase of HCG is the maintenance phase. You no longer take HCG. You no longer have a calorie restriction. You can eat meats, eggs, nuts, dairy, all vegetables and fruits. But still no starches/sugars (except those sugars naturally found in fruits). This phase lasts 3 weeks.

The purpose of this phase is to reset your body's set-point (the weight your body tries to maintain). The longer a person can stay at one weight with little variation, the better her body will create that as a set-point (that works against you too when you gain weight and stay there). The problem most people have after a diet is that they are sick of restricting and they quickly go back to eating what they used to. So the body naturally fights to get back to their old weight. With the HCG Maintenance phase, it forces your body to create a new set point so that you won't have to fight to stay at your new weight.

After the maintenance phase, you slowly reintroduce carbs and sugars back into your diet. Then as long as you don't go more than 2 lbs over your last HCG weight, you eat pretty normally. Obviously, one still wants to keep it within reason. No diet will hold you to a new weight if you start pigging out. But this diet at least gives you a contingency plan in case you do begin to put on weight. IF you follow it. (My guess is that most people who have put lots of weight back on after this diet aren't following the contingency plan and/or didn't do the maintenance phase.)

Tell us more about the cutterpillar!

My ingenious husband created from scratch a scrapbooking paper/photo trimmer. If you've ever used a paper trimmer, most have a stationary blade that pushes against the paper. Or they have a rotating blade that is turned as it pushes against the paper. His has a rotating blade, driven by a gear system, that glides along a bar. Because it's gear driven, it rotates independent of the paper. That means it does incredibly precise cuts w/o ever dulling the blade or shifting the paper. It is also backlit under the cutting area so that you can clearly see where you are cutting. It doesn't sound that exciting...until you try one. Everyone who tries it gasps at how it glides through paper like a hot knife through butter.

It's about to go into production in China. After 2-3 long years of finding the right factory, making several prototypes, changing the problems, and making more prototypes, we think he has perfected it and hopefully we should go into production in the next few weeks. Yeah!

You can check out his website to see what it looks like:

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Jules AF said...

I don't like the idea of anonymous questions. Yes, I'm too scared.

Kristina P. said...

I'm with Boob Nazi. That would just open a can of worms, I think.

I am interested to still here how your HCG diet goes. It seems like it's after the hormones that the potential to gain everything back comes into play.

Mia said...

How did Big Daddy get into designing scrap-booking products? Is there going to be a friends and family discount because that thing looks sweet ;) (just kidding about the discount part not the looking sweet part) And of course I am an early adopter when it comes to technology so it would make sense that I have the best paper cutter out there.

Kay said...

I want a cutterpillar.

Chelsea said...

Yahoo for the Cutterpillar!

kado! said...

that Cutterpiller thingy sounds AWESOME!