Thursday, April 8, 2010

See Ya! Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!

Today I unsubscribed to someone's blog on my blog reader FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

I was afraid I would suffer serious guilt. And worry that I might regret it at some point in the future. Like if she became famous and I could no longer say I knew her (the way you "know" someone on the blogosphere you've never actually met, which is nearly as real as a real friendship). Or if she gave away a car on her blog and I missed out. Or if I saw her at the store and she recognized me and quizzed me on the events from her last 10 posts and I couldn't answer.

Nope. As I sit here, minutes later, I only feel....relieved.

I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I haven't read her blog in at least a year. And as far as I know she has never read mine. I used to comment all the time and never got any comments in return. And though there are a few blogs I will always read for pure enjoyment whether they comment on mine or not, this was not one of them. It was OK. But I guess I just never felt the love. No love connection. Sorry, Chuck. I'm going with Bachlorette C.

It's kind of nice no longer seeing the huge list of unread posts next to her name and feeling guilty hitting "Mark all as read."

I'm moving on.

It's a new day.

And I now have 45 unclaimed seconds in my blog reader reading time. Anyone want to suggest a replacement?

p.s. If you're worried that it's you, it's not. If you're reading this, it definitely isn't you. YOU are bachlorette C.


Alyssa said...

Good job! I've been weeding out blogs from my reader as well and it feels good! No reason blogging should turn into any sort of obligation.

Jaime Haney said...

I feel the same way as Soul-Fusion. I have stopped following a blog or two and want to stop a couple more, you may have just given me the incentive to stop. I use my blog partly to show my artwork, but just as much for personal use. I follow many blogs that feel like blatant infomercials for their Etsy shop which I hope my followers don't feel like that's what I do!!

but your blog almost always makes me chuckle so you're safe... so far haha

Just SO said...

I know that there is at least one of my blogs in my reader that I need to go and unsub from. I've been sadly lacking in the commenting department of the blogs I read. But I have been reading...sporadically. I don't know how much that will change with Summer looming ahead.

just call me jo said...

When I unsubscribe it leaves me wondering why I subscribed in the first place. Was I swept along by the stream of "popularity"? Whatever!

Go on in peace. As long as it wasn't me you shunned, drop any one you want to. I only have 17 followers so I KNOW when you drop me!! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Chillygator said...

I can never be that brave. I just move them into a folder of Blogs I Don't Read and then "mark all as read" every time I see unread posts. Somehow that creates less abandonment guilt. (o:

Lyns said...

Phew--I'm so glad it's NOT me...cause then I would cry and my pregnancy dreams about us being next door neighbor BFF's would have all been for nothing...

Mrs. O said...

I really need to sift through mine, too. If only there wasn't the guilt that came with it.

Michelle Glauser said...

I did that a while back in it had two effects: first, I had less blogs to read (which was good), but secondly, I kept checking my Google Reader and being disappointed. I guess I'm used to it now. I don't think I could ever go cold turkey, though.

Jules AF said...

Oh man, I did that. IT FELT AWESOME.

TheOneTrueSue said...

It takes a lot for me to delete blogs from my Reader. It also takes a lot for me to ADD blogs to my Reader.

To clarify: this isn't because I'm discerning. It's because I'm really, REALLY lazy.

Lia said...

I did this recently to a lot of people.
I actually think it rather rude of people when you follow their blog, make nice comments, encourage and support them and they never come back to you for a visit.
I got to thinking that if these people were my neighbours would I say hello everyday, wave and smile with them, how long would it be before I screamed at them called them rude ungrateful and never even looked their way again. About two weeks I reckon. So I went happily about one day hitting the delete button.

Time is too short to waste on people that have no manners or grace about them and I simply can't allow them to take up space in my life.

Good for you girl.

Much love

Tiffany said...

I scale back my Reader all the time, (but you obviously always make the cut!)

BTW, I am way behind, on blog reading and commenting, but I've been keeping tabs on you and your diet. I'm so impressed! And proud of you! Thanks for documenting it so well. I had no idea what HCG was before, so I feel educated.

Kristina P. said...

I commented on this post yesterday, but it's not here! Did you get it in email?

Anonymous said...

"Sorry, Chuck. I'm going with Bachlorette C."

That really confused me, lol. I was like, "Me? What did I do?" but then I realized my innocence and all is well.

-Charlie (aka "Chuck")

Mia said...

I just deleted a few myself and it felt good. I am sure none of them will notice my absence, because they didn't seem to notice when I was there. Ahhh no blogligation.

rae said...

Must be spring cleaning time. I was just debating whether or not to do that.

kado! said...

i have a few I need to clean out too...i don't know why It makes me feel is always people that probably don't even know I exist anyways!

I think I will just do it today!