Thursday, April 9, 2009

TOTE-ally Gorgeous!

Which of these fabulous totes do you like better?

Chocolates And Flowers?


First Love?

I know, it's a very tough call because they are both so cute! Well, Suzanne, the very talented seamstress over at Just Another Hang Up is having a giveaway over at her blog (ends today, so hustle up!). And if you win, you get to choose one of her gorgeous creations from her etsy store. So go to Suzanne's blog to see the rules, then check out all her stuff at her etsy store. And just know, if you win, you better let me borrow your tote!!! (You know which ones I want, so choose RIGHT!)


Chelsea said...

I can't pick! BOTH!

devri said...

Awe their both gorgeous, I have one of her totes already, and I love it..

hopping to win another!

ok that was dorky!

Shawn said...

I love the pink one--you know me, can't turn down anything pink...

Well, I guess you don't know me---but thats what I would do!

Anonymous said...

Just a little too feminine for my taste - the fabric, that is. I'd love to carry one of these lovely totes around town.

Mindi said...

ON it.

thanks for the heads up