Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Neuroses, Part 2

I realized after my last neuroses post that, unfortunately, my oddities don't stop there. I have a few more I have to confess to:

1) When I shop for groceries, I can't just unload the food onto the conveyor belt willy nilly. I have to group the items together by type, like in the order that I want them put in the bags. Like all the frozen foods together, all the produce together, all the items going downstairs into my food storage together, deli items together, cupboard items together, etc. Because do I give credit to the bagger to be smart enough to do that way? Not even close. Turn your back and he'll have toothpaste and ramen in the same bag! Plus, it'll save me a lot of organizing later. And really, that's more logical than neurotic, right?

2) When I eat Frosted Mini Wheats, they all have to be frosting side up. It takes an extra couple of minutes to get things set up, but SO much more yummy that way.

3) When I eat, the fork/spoon can't touch my lips. Only my teeth and tongue. I don't know why. Maybe it's genetic because my sister eats this way too.

4) I can't drink anything cold from a mug. Not water, not milk, not gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about how the ceramic tastes cold....all metallic, like blood. Or metal. Am I alone on this one? Surely not.

5) When I eat something really delicious, it makes me so happy I have to wag my tail. Well, my foot, cause, you know, I don't actually have a tail. I didn't notice that I did this until a few years ago when a guy I was dating pointed it out. And sure enough, I noticed from then on that whenever I was eating something really yummy my foot would jiggle or swing back and forth. I guess I'm part canine.

6) I can't STAND to have any clothing sit on my natural waist. Maybe because I'm so short-waisted. My hips are so high that they end about 1 inch below where my ribs begin. So when clothes are sitting on my waist, I feel like I'm wearing them just under my boobs. I look like Ed Grimley, for Pete's sake! So I pull or roll everything down around my hips: pants, skirts, pajamas, panty hose, even underwear gets rolled down to a comfortable position half-way up my hips. Whenever my mother sews something for me, she invariably tries to rest it on my waist for try-ons, and I invariably FREAK OUT. I can't help it. It's just so wrong.

Ok, I think that covers it. What about you? Do you do anything weird or interesting? Or are you just plain old NORMAL?


devri said...

I am a low rider too, I can't stand garments anything up there!!!

You crack me up about the grocery store, ya know what would kick that in the butt, take my 7 with you next time..

That would cure it for sure!

rychelle said...

#1 - i thought everyone did that. i know i do.

Kristina P. said...

I have a tummy pooch, so I can't really do a lot of things below my natural waist. I've grown to accept it. Sob.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on bagging the groceries, that's exactly how I do it. Ryan used to make fun of it and now I got him doing because it makes it that much easier to unload them!

I am a low rider too, I loved it when they came out with the pregnancy clothes that went under the belly instead of the over the belly as it drove me c-r-a-z-y!

MiaKatia said...

Oh yes! The groceries going on the belt in order is an absolute must. I am even teaching my kids to do it that way since they want to help so much.

I tap my foot when I am nervous or tired. I sort of rock myself to sleep by tapping my foot.

Megan said...

I'm similar on #1, you may be a bit more organized in that area, but perhaps it's because I RARELY buy food & non-food items at the same time or the same store. But ever since I got home from the store & had bananas and/or bread with canned goods... or the time I had produce with bleach, I freaked out! I even tell them to bag the bread & bananas in their own bags & hand them to me!

And I'm similar with #2, but I'm the opposite. I eat it frosting side down (well when it goes into my mouth) because I want it to hit all my taste buds. It starts out frosting side up though. I even go as far as eating the least frosted first, saving the most frosted last. Hannah always comes & tells me which one she wants & I may freak out on her a bit & tell her no!

That isn't the only cereal I am strange with. Those rare times that I eat fruit loops or lucky charms I am all about color combos with the loops.. and I like no more than 3 loops in a bite. And with Lucky Charms I like 1 marshmallow per every 2 or 3 cereal.

Melissa said...

the grocery store is totally Splenda! I'm not even allowed to load the groceries onto the conveyor belt. That is if I am even allowed to come grocery shopping with him. Weird huh!
And I get the whole cereal thing. Totally!

Chelsea said...

I thought I was the only one in the world who took the time to flip Frosted Mini Wheats right side up before eating!

Shawn said...

I still have to do my blog post on the things that are uncute about me.

I really can't keep up with you---you are a dynamo!

Christie said...

That is funny. I'm with you on the clothing at the waist and about the frosted mini wheat (even though I also have a pooch - I just live with the muffin top).

tiburon said...

I am the same way with the conveyor belt.

And the waist.

But not the wagging so much.

Kristine said...

I am so with you on #1, #2 & #6! I love it when I find out I have a crazy thing in common with someone! Maybe we are really normal after all.

Holly said...

I can't stand when people touch my face. Landon will grab my cheeks sometimes and for some reason it makes me angry and I get all pissy about it. Also, I think Frosted Mini wheats are better facing up too

L. said...

Geeze, Arianne, you sure have some weird friends, not to mention yourself! Fortunately your mother is suave, debonaire, classy and utterly-midline-normal.

That's why you and Jennie are planning on writing a best-seller on her screaming insanity. (Don't tell about the synergy of Polygrip and Peanut butter).

The reason girls don't wear things around their waistlines is cause girls no longer HAVE waistlines. You all wanna be comfy like the guys, and have no appreciation of suffering for femininity's sake. You should have seen us with our 23-inch waist-cynchers in the 50's. (Or not.)

Anonymous said...

I think you're crazy except for #1. When you're driving, do you always have to be going faster than everyone else? I do.

CaraDee said...

I jus have to have the mini wheats facing the same direction on the spoon. That way I can flip them over together, or have them slide in long as the frosting side touches my tongue. I prefer right side up, but I'm not picky. Just so the sugar directly touches my tongue.
Also, HATE clothes on my waist. Love lowrider jeans