Thursday, April 2, 2009

10 Not-So-Cute Things About Me

I was tagged by Tiffany on this one. I'm a little apprehensive about this. Showing your not-so-cute side isn't really what blogging is all about. Blogging is really about telling everyone how great you are and hiding all the imperfections, right? But I'll try it. It might be good for some way that I can't for the life of me imagine.

1. I have hairy toes. Actually, I have hairy everything, I'm pretty sure. I think I must be part Arab or something because I had these huge eyebrows when I was younger, and my forearm hair can rival most men. Laser treatment has done me a lot of good. But I'm no millionaire, so some of it is here to stay.

2. I think I already told you about my toes. Actually, I love my two-headed monster toes. But some people might not think they're so cute.

3. I'm the opposite of a germophobe. Well, maybe not the opposite. The opposite would be a germofriend. And I wouldn't say I go that far. But I'm just not overly concerned about germs. I follow the 10 second rule with food (at least if it's something good. With vegetables, the floor is a deal breaker); I don't wash my hands EVERY time I go to the bathroom. I figure if the toilet paper does it's job, hand washing is negotiable; and I would use my husband's toothbrush if I had to and it wouldn't really bother me. But I draw the line at my kids' tooth brushes. I do have SOME standards.

4. I pick. Picking is my only OCD trait, I think. Mostly this happens when watching movies or doing something really boring, like church. But my hands are never still in these cases. I rub them up and down my skin, arms, hands, cuticles, scalp, face, etc. looking for rough, uneven, dry or otherwise non-homogeneous texture, and I pick it off. During a really good movie, or a really tense one, I will end up with bloody cuticles at the end from picking so much. I don't know why. I just can't help it. I like my skin to feel smooth all over.

5. I get the sniffles. All the time. Well, not all the time, but a fair portion of the time. It's my body's default reaction to anything out of the norm. Exercise? Check. Cold weather? Check. Nervousness? Check. Excitement? Check. If anything happens that is not the usual state of affairs, my body figures that making me sniffle will make it all better. Luckily, I live with a fellow nose runner. So we have tissues stashed in every part of the house. Just in case. When I go to someone's house who doesn't have a single box of tissues in sight, I'm baffled. And jealous. And snotty.

6. I sing to the radio. I don't care who's around. If I'm in the car or in the house and I know the song, I sing along. Maybe I shouldn't put this on the list because I actually like it. But there has got to be someone out there for whom this bugs. So this one's for you. You killjoy.

7. I have big hips. Contrary to popular opinion, which is that I am relatively thin, I have ginormous hips and am a lot bigger than I look. Just ask my sister--we inherited these same, wide hips. Most people, whether thin or fat, tend to have a more even top to bottom ratio. But not me. I'm not even pear shaped. I'm more like one of those squashes or gourds that has the tiny neck and the huge bottom. That's me. So when I shop for outfits, I have to get things with separate tops and bottoms. A small or medium on top and a large or x-large on the bottom. If it weren't for these dang hips, I'd be a size 4. But instead I'm a size 10. And heaven help me if I ever let my top reach a size large. They don't make bottoms with enough X's for these hips! (And don't try to tell me my hips aren't big. Trust me, they are. I've just spent the last 25 years since puberty mastering the art of optical illusion.)

8. #8 is directly related to #5. You know that pocket on the drivers side door of the car? Full of tissues. I know I should clean them out more, but I never exit my car without at least one, if not two, children, my purse, and my keys, usually added to bags of groceries, my children's backpacks, discarded shoes, gloves and hats, a pop or water bottle, and whatever purchases I made. After all that, I'm not going back for a few tissues. It'll have to wait for my bi-monthly cleaning extravaganza, The Festival of Tissues. This usually involves a garbage can brought out to the car, music, refreshments, and loud applause from my husband.

9. I steal the covers. At least Big Daddy claims this every morning when the covers are all hanging off my side of the bed. Really, I think he just throws him off himself and onto me all night. It's much more likely.

10. I'm gabby. No, not Gabby. My name is Arianne, but I'm gabby. It's true. Sometimes I have a hard time shutting up. But I can control it. See? I'm done with # 10 in only 3 lines.

Consider yourself tagged if you dare to expose your not-so-cute side to the world. Don't worry, I won't mock you. It's not on my not-so-cute list of faults. Lucky you.


Tiffany said...

Great list! You're still cute though. Very cute!

rychelle said...

i have hairy toes too. :(

please tell me more about your laser hair removal. i've been considering it. what areas did you have done? (if you don't mind my asking)

Kristina P. said...

Maybe you could use the Smooth Away on your toes. I will let you have mine.

Melissa said...

Funny stuff girl! And other than the germ crapola - still cute!

Let's discuss germs.......... : )

Omgirl said...

Rychelle, 3 words on l:
AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. Very little pain, long lasting results (like forever). WELL worth the money.

Sherrie Shepherd Piano Music said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you! I am honestly the same on ALL of those things!

L. said...

If someone asked my darling daughters to list my ugliest faults, they would write an encyclopedia, and I would go out and kill myself. So if you think I'M going to reveal any, you're nuts, Arianne

Shawn said...


I don't HAVE any uncute things about me!

What are you saying?

Mindi said...

you and me are soul-sistahs on the germ thing. i sometimes worry that i'm not so worried......strange.

and gabby is why i like you. because you keep up with ME.

AND i've seen photos of the toes before. just part of your charm.

Kristine said...

#3 was the only one that shocked me! I am a huge germaphobe!!! Yuck yuck yuck! And I would never think you had huge hips. You look great!

Anonymous said...

Jen mentioned this post to me about your picking habit and started calling me Arianne for some reason.