Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Phone Is Green

A certain not-to-be-named member of my household used to tell this joke. It may or may not play on the accent of certain, non-specified ethnic groups who may or may not speak the same as average native-born Americans. Read at your own risk.

A person of non-determined ethnic background was taking the test to gain his U.S. citizenship. Part of the test was oral. For this section, he had to use the words green, pink, and yellow all together. The man thought for a minute and then said, (this part is best read with a non-country-specific Hispanic accent) "Green, green! The phone is green. Pink it up. Yellow?"

Now for the segue (by the way, did you know that's how you spell segue? Ask me how many times I had to revise this paragraph before the spell check even recognized it enough to offer me any suggestions)...On my sidebar is this very cool widget where if you click on it and type in the box that opens, it will text my cell phone. And I can text you back to your computer (in the window you texted me from). Don't you want to try it out? I think you should. It's SO much fun. And I just love it when my phone goes "green, green!" (Did you see it? That was the segue). Besides, I know you are looking for one more way to waste your time on the computer. It's Saturday. Live a little.

Disclaimer: Author takes no responsibility for offense caused to any or all members of any or all national, non-national, racial, ethnic, or interplanetary groups. Author did not write this joke. Author also only used this joke as a very weak segue (look this up if you don't know what it is, not that you wouldn't know because of your racial or ethnic background, author is not implying that in any way) to pathetically solicit people to text her phone. Have pity on her. She's pathetic and bored. Not at all offensive. Seriously.


devri said...

tee hee! thanks for the laugh!

Kristina P. said...

I've seen that widget! And it sort of freaks me out.

L. said...


And remember Conference today and tomorrow. It's been great! I love to listen and clean at the same time. I feel so RIGHTEOUS!

Shawn said...

Heh, heh,----I am a bit confused by this concept---a bit too technical for my brain, but maybe I will try it sometime.

Except I usually blog between midnight and 2:00 a.m----isn't that a bit late? :)

Melissa said...

And when I asked my tamale lady if I could freeze them, she said


Anonymous said...

LOl, funny!

Anonymous said...

Isn't a segue a gyroscope scooter thing? I find it fascinating how some places will spell Jocelyn or Jennifer with a 'Y' instead of a 'J.' Do you get charged for the millions of texts you receive from the widget (maybe I should have sent that as a text)?