Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Time Management

It's 12:51pm. My children are finally in bed. I have an hour, maybe two, to do whatever I want with. Do I:

A) Read the book I've been wanting to read for months
B) Watch one of the 89 hours of recorded shows waiting on my DVR
C) Get online and try to catch up on email and blogging
D) Take a nap
E) Make phone calls I can only make when children aren't screamimg in the background
F) Clean the house.

I go through this dilemma every day. I bet you can use your amazing powers of deduction to figure out which usually wins. But lettters A, D, and B sometimes give me a moment's pause. E, rarely. F? Ha! I'll save that for when the kids are up. I'm not wasting valuable quiet time on the house! But seriously, I need to make time for A and B. I just need 4-6 more hours of uninterupt quiet and I could get it all done.

What about you? How do you choose to spend your quiet alone time?


Chuck said...

Two words: video games.

Melissa said...

Since most of my kiddies are now gone, I have lots more quiet time on hand. You would think I would now be a very productive person. NOoooooo, instead I usually find myself at the gym in the never-ending search for physical perfection. I need help

veronica said...

If I have a good book to read then I will always choose that over everything else!

rachel said...

A-C all at the same time :)

MiaKatia said...

I do B and C at the same time a lot too. I haven't had a really good book to read in forever, but I think I am about ready to pick one up.

Christie said...

I know I should clean, but I spend my "alone" time either:

taking a hot bath

I hate cleaning.

Anonymous said...

You forgot about G) Blog about what to do, which could include blogging, but I guess that is covered in C). I'd vote for B) since I'm not a phone person and I have a hard time napping. Who really wants to clean the house in their spare time? There is also H) pig out on more Hershey's cheesecake things or find some other sweet treat to feed a sugar addiction.