Monday, January 5, 2009

Robert Palmer, What Were You Thinking?

I just happened to be watching VH1 Classic this morning when the lovely video for "Looking For Clues" came on. I don't remember this song or this video. But I have to wonder, if I HAD seen this video when it came out, would I have thought it was cool? Or would I have recognized it for being the most idiotic, bizarre, nonsensical video ever? Robert Palmer sure de-nerdified by the time he did "Simply Irresistible."

Here's a hint of what joys lie in this video:

white wrestling shoes with pegged jeans
singing suspended over pop-up books
Fake guitars
granny glasses
singing into a magnifying glass
rotary phones
dancing on a blue screen xylophone

Absolutely have to see more? Or maybe vaguely want to see more? Or at least have nothing better to do? Click here.


Kristina P. said...

All I remember from his videos is the Stepford video girls in the really tight dresses playing the guitars. Classy.

mCat said...

And I wanted to BE one of those Stepford girls. At least have the body.....

Anonymous said...

I just remember dressing like that. FYI, you probably won't see me at the top of your "Who Loves Me Most" index, at least not for the next few months with all the work that is beckoning. I'll have to concede the honor to someone else (for now).

Omgirl said...

Say it isn't so, Andre! Say it isn't so.

Christie said...

I love 80s fashion :)

Anonymous said...

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